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What You Know About...CAP

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Welcome to 'What you know about”, an experimental new series of Lore posts intended to deliver straightforward and spoiler-free information on various Factions, NPCs and Locations in Titan City. This is in response to various feedback we've been getting recently on what you'd like to see, so please be sure to let us know if this is the right idea, and if not, why.

Our first feature is on the organization known as CAP, created by Staff Writer Olantern.


Community Manager

This Update Has Nothing New

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We know all of you are sitting waiting to see something shiny and new from the MWM team. Well, prepare to be disappointed, because this update does, indeed contain nothing new at all. Instead of new, what we are about to do is show you what we already have before. No new systems, no new technology, just things we have shown all of you before today.

Project Lead


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