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It looks like we can give everyone a list of minimum specs for running City of Titans. Please keep in mind that this is 'for now' until we are able to add more graphics and other system refinements. Currently you will need :
Windows 10 or later required; no Intel integrated graphics like UHD, must have AMD or NVIDIA card or discrete chipset with 4Gb or more of VRAM
At least 16GB of main DRAM.
These stats may change as we continue to test.

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CapeChaser Tweet-Summary: A large network of unpowered gang-bangers desperate to “find their Edge.”

Legal Status: The Rooks are considered a street gang by the TCPD and other law enforcement groups, but their organization has no official legal status.

Location: The Rooks can often be found around Alexandria and Weston, though they make appearances elsewhere. They are known to reliably frequent a bar in Weston known as “the Bad Bishop” and an assortment of other hangouts around the city. Tyrone Fischer, the group’s rumored “Grandmaster,” resides in Bayview.

Notable Members: Tyrone Fischer (rumored Grandmaster of the Rooks); Checkmate (supreme enforcer and Fischer’s companion-bodyguard); Megaton (up-and-coming, powered Rook leader).

Stated Purpose/Goals/Motives: The Rooks are a very persistent gang of petty crooks and criminals led in a fairly decentralized manner. It is rumored that they compete among each other for power in some formalized way, revolving around a task known as “finding your Edge.” They also have some kind of cooperative association with other local criminal organizations.

Exploits: The Rooks emerged in the aftermath of Operation Anvil, when the criminal underworld of Titan City was turned on its head. In one strike, nearly every unpowered gang in the city was wiped out. The underworld was scrambling to recover, and many criminals were sent into a panic. The remnants of numerous former gangs organized as “the Rooks,” with even the Black Rose and the Five Dragons, major forces in Titan City’s underworld, mysteriously tolerating their rise.

Today, the Rooks are the largest unpowered gang in Titan City. They’re a culture of power chasers; it’s not uncommon to find Rooks engaged in some form of physical or mental training while not committing a crime. Rumor suggests that the reclusive Tyrone Fischer controls the Rooks as their “Grandmaster,” constantly encouraging members to develop an “Edge,” a skill or power that will set them apart. However, Fischer has never been officially linked to the group, and the TCPD has not yet gathered enough evidence to charge him with any crimes. The legendary Checkmate, known for his power and brutality, acts an enforcer over all cells of the gang. The Rooks’ decentralized structure means that they’re very hard to get rid of. The Rooks aren’t just a faction; they’re a philosophy.

A Rook typically dresses in a T-Shirt or Jacket with a checkerboard motif. Typically, a Rook will wear a varying blend of black or white clothing. The Rooks also have variant “war” outfits (apparently used when two of the gang’s cell leaders are having an intergang conflict) that are either entirely black or entirely white. The gang logo is a stylized “rook” or “castle” chess piece.

User contributed content. Contributer: InUrDatabase

Combat Information: Rooks aren’t any more dangerous than normal thugs in most cases, though their leaders, known as “Knights” and “Bishops,” are definitely more dangerous than an average, unpowered person. Rarely, you will see a Rook bust out some martial arts or an experimental gadget or spell, but they’re only really dangerous to rookie cops and crimefighters.

Created By: Cube

These guys are more pawns than rooks.- Sneeze10695.
Ha. Also ha. I have never heard that one before. More seriously, everybody knows Tyrone runs the Rooks. Why haven’t the cops picked him up yet? - apedude143
On what charges? Talking to members of a street gang? He’s too smart to leave evidence the cops can find. You know, like he’s a master of strategy or something. - wanderlust143
The Hard Lock is full of criminals who thought that. - ROlsen
I think the phrase ‘unpowered gang’ is misleading while they have members like Checkmate and Megaton. We should recategorize them. - InUrDatabase
Having one or two guys with powers who wear your colors does not make you a powered gang. But Why hasn’t Megaton started his own gang yet? - wanderlust143
Seen Meg in action. Wasn’t impressed. - rockinman995
For that matter, why hasn’t Checkmate? Wait, I know why. -wanderlust143
That’s enough about that. Let’s not draw his attention. - holywomaan0101