Power Sets

The Launch Sets

We are starting the game with 5 Power Sets in each of 5 general categories, for a total of 25 different powersets. Each of the categories relates to a Basic Playstyle. Every individual powerset will have abilities from Tier 0 to Tier 9, with a choice between two different but similar abilities at tiers 3 and 7. Listed below is a quick list of the powersets by category. More detailed information about each of the powersets can be found by following the links to each category page.


Atrophic Aura - Invulnerability - Solid Form - Super Agility - Grit


Super Strength - Tactical Combat - Fighting Prowess - Kinetic Melee - Massive Melee


Force Blast - Lethality - Vampiric Blast - Atrophic Blast - Psychic Blast


Preservation - Barrier Generation - Strategy - Devices - Vampiric Emanation


Gravity - Psychic Control - Power Control - Illusions - Force Control