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Support Sets


Everything survives longer once assured protection.

Preservation provides a mix of buffs to increase the chances of survival for you and your group and debuffs to impair your enemies. It does so through shields that provide resistance and some healing abilities. While the debuffs weaken protections of enemies to make them easier to defeat.

A sneak peek at abilities

Physical Preservation (tier 2): Focused on your current position, you create a personal shield for each group member within range protecting with light resistance to physical effects and very light resistance to energy effects. Should anyone protected by Physical Preservation be struck in melee range, that attacker will suffer a recoil of very light energy damage. Recharge Very Swift.

Mass Preservation (tier 6): Once toggled on you cast a light heal over time, medial melee and ranged Defense against control effects in an area around you. Once switched on, this ability will always remain active and automatically reactivate when you recover from defeat, but will reduce your power resource for ability upkeep by a significant amount making the cost a deciding factor in whether to keep it active or not. Recharge Medial.

Barrier Generation

Don’t charge headlessly into battle, take a shield with you.

Barrier Generation protects group members by providing personal and wide area barriers. While Barrier Generation doesn’t provide any way to debuff enemies, several of the protective barriers may reflect a portion of damage back out to nearby enemies while other barriers may offer some form of control effect to displace the enemy.

A sneak peek at abilities

Protective Barrier (tier 1): You create a personal shield to every group member within range of your target. These shields provide light resistance to physical effects and very light subtraction of physical damage. Should the protected group member be struck with critical damage, a portion of the resisted damage will be reflected back toward the attacker. Recharge Very Swift.

Insulated Shell (tier 8): You summon a physical shell to protect a yourself or a group member. This protection has a limited range and is maintained over time by being toggled on. It protects from all effects by straining your Power to maintain this protection. Should any enemy enter within range of the Insulated Shell, it will physically knocked them backward. Be careful, for each knock back further drains your Power. The Insulated Shell also reduces friction, increasing movement speed. Recharge Medial.


All well executed plans have a leader calling the shots.

Strategy requires you to be in the middle of the fight, helping coordinate the movements of your group to reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks, improve your group’s offensive capabilities, and to take decisive action to impair the enemy.

A sneak peek at abilities

Decisive Strike (tier 3): One of the possible tier 3 branch choices, once activated this ability will grant a medial damage buff for you and your group members in range for a very medial duration. Recharge Very Long

Demoralize (tier 6): You target an enemy debuffing it and those around it with a medial debuff to damage, a medial increase to their chance to miss, and a medial decrease to their defense for a long duration. Recharge Extremely Long


Know where you enemy will be and hit them where it hurts.

Devices requires smart placement of your abilities putting them to maximum use to hinder your enemies or to help your group.

A sneak peek at abilities

Snare (tier 1): You summon an object and place it up to a long range. Snare remains in place for a long duration. If an enemy approaches in range, Snare will trigger, pulling the enemy in toward it and slowing their movement or possibly immobilizing them. If, for some reason the enemy escapes Shackle’s grasp, it will remain waiting for another victim to pass near. Using this ability when Upgrade Device is active will cause snared victims to suffer a strong recharge debuff. You may only have a single Snare placed at a time. Recharge: Short.

Protection Drone (tier 2): You summon an object that follows close by. The Protection Drone will create an area effect ability providing medial defense to melee, ranged, and aoe damage attacks and control effects. Protection Done can be destroyed and will also self-destruct if its creator is defeated. Summoning a Protection Done when Upgrade Device is active will provide a light health regeneration effect within the area effect. You may only have a single Protection Drone summoned at a time. Recharge Medial.

Vampiric Emanation

Your death is my reward.

Vampiric Emanation often combines hindering your enemy to help you and your group with maintaining a presence within range of your group. Enemies defeated while debuffed by Vampiric Emanation abilities can increase the effectiveness of buffs to you and your group.

A sneak peek at abilities

Leech Essence (tier 1): You attack your enemy with a light regeneration debuff the for a medial duration and will also leave them with a light debuff to their awareness increasing their chance to to miss attacks. Once applied, Leech Essence will restore you and your surrounding group with a light heal. Should the affected enemy be defeated within range, you and your group will receive a very light heal. Recharge Medial.

Rigor Mortis (tier 4): You attack your enemy with a light movement debuff for a very short duration and affect them with a medial debuff to their ability recharges for a medial duration. Upon immediate use, you and your surrounding group will receive a medial recharge buff to all your abilities for a medial duration. Should the affected enemy be defeated within range, you and your group will receive an additional light recharge buff for a medial duration. Recharge Very Long