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Melee Sets

Tactical Combat

A good combatant uses all the tools at his disposal.

Tactical Combat is a melee set that relies on setting up combinations of attacks to create greater effects. Each attack ability also carries its own combo effect which is triggered at a low amount of Momentum threshold.. Some may debuff a foe or hit them with a control effect. Gaining additional Momentum will result in each attack generating a unique effect which can activate if another attack is fired off within a brief duration of time. Knowing when to pull off a combo is important as powerful combos will result in a loss of Momentum. Powers effects and combo effects can be mixed and matched making the set very adaptable.

A sneak peek at abilities

Rapid Strike (tier 1): This ability does light physical damage. Its main combo effect is to affect a target with a light debuff. Rapid Strike’s granted combo effect increase the next attack’s crit rate. Recharge Very Swift.

Vortex of Pain (tier 6): You deal light damage over time to all the enemies in an area around you. Vortex of Pain’s main combo effect is to pierce through protections to cause unmitigated damage. It grants a combo effect that adds an evasion debuff to the next attack. Recharge Medial.

Fighting Prowess

The best defense is a great offense.

Fighting Prowess is a melee set that also buffs the user with a measure of Defense on each successful attack reducing damage from melee and ranged attacks. This ability can stack multiple times within the very short duration that each lasts, increasing the user’s survival while they attack.

A sneak peek at abilities

Riposte (tier 4): A set utility that buffs the accuracy and damage of all abilities for a short duration. It also can allow for small portions of damage mitigated by any defense to be deflected back to a selected target within range which can trigger additional very light defense buffs. Recharge Extremely Long

Forceful Swing (tier 8): You attack all enemies in a wide cone area dealing medial physical damage, knocking them down, and leaving their own defense debuffed for a short duration. Recharge Fast.

Kinetic Melee

It is one thing to be strong, it is even better to drain your enemy’s strength to make you stronger.

Kinetic Melee debuffs the damage of targets hit with its abilities creating a buff to its own damage. As Kinetic Melee’s momentum increases, this damage buff becomes more potent. Some attacks will knock a target off its feet or disorient them.

A sneak peek at abilities

Jolt (tier 2): This single target attack does medial physical damage and can knock your enemy down or with an alternate activation, knock it away. Recharge Swift.

Full Force Impact (tier 9): This attack does extreme physical damage. However, it drains any Momentum built in order to increase its own crit rate and recharge. Any target left standing will be disoriented for a short duration. Recharge Long.

Super Strength

Might makes right. Nothing is mightier than knocking your enemy out and about.

Super Strength combines damage attacks with plenty of ways to knock your opponent off their feet.

A sneak peek at abilities

Brute Strength (tier 4): Toggling on this ability increases the accuracy, damage, and strength of knock effects of all attacks. Once switched on, this ability will always remain active and automatically reactivate when you recover from defeat, but will reduce your Power resource for ability upkeep by a significant amount making the cost a deciding factor in whether to keep it active or not. Recharge Swift.

Mighty Lunge (Tier 7): One of the branched abilities of the tier 7 category, this ability can be used to select an enemy up to medial range and move you to its location. The force of your impact will knock down all enemies in immediate area. Recharge Very Fast.

Massive Melee

Why hit one when you can hit them all?

Massive Melee relies on many area effect attacks to hit multiple targets. Starting off slow, any Momentum built with each successful attack speeds up the cast time of each attack.

A sneak peek at abilities

Massive Swipe (tier 1): This melee area attack can hit multiple targets in a narrow cone area doing very light physical damage and leaving them hurt with very light health damage over time. Recharge Super Fast.

Rend (tier 4): An attack doing medial physical damage and leaving the target with a light debuff to defense and resistance for a short duration. Recharge Very Fast.