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Landmarks, Moguls and Sites of Interest in Downtown District

Downtown 1

Downtown Titan City is the iconic center of town for commerce, architecture and a concrete jungle for Titans to swing, jump and fly through. With daunting heights and a mix of old and modern city character, Downtown is fascinating to explore. From its plazas, mini-parks and squares on the ground, to its sculptures, sky bridges, and aerial super bases in the sky, it's a vertical wonderland for the sights and senses. Downtown is not only stunning aesthetically - it's where some of the most exciting action happens in Titan City!

Downtown 2

The section of Downtown seen above is just a portion of the total neighborhood, representing about a third of its total size built to-date. The light blue streets in the map below (plus a little more area around it) is the built-out area shown in these pictures. When the other two-thirds of Downtown are fully built, it will be a massive area to explore.

Downtown map

Downtown Landmarks, Moguls and sites of interest


  • ANDTeam Tower - Mogul
  • Central Transit Terminal
  • Church Alley Graveyard - Landmark
  • Common Center Construction Site - Landmark
  • De Sang Building - Mogul
  • Deckler Fountain - Landmark
  • Fitzgerald Square Park - Landmark
  • Kaya Corporation - Mogul
  • The Kelvin Building - Landmark
  • La Tuse International - Mogul
  • The Last Stroke Building - Mogul
  • The Liberty Building - Landmark
  • Majors Tower - Mogul
  • The McKendrick Building - Mogul
  • Monument Plaza - Mogul
  • Poseidon Square - Mogul
  • Prometheus Plaza - Mogul
  • The Simpson Center - Mogul
  • Skyspire - Mogul
  • St. James Cathedral of Titan City - Mogul
  • Thorman Tower - Mogul
  • Truitt Tower - Mogul
  • Van Der Kirk Tower - Mogul

In Development:

  • Clubson Garden - Landmark
  • Common Center Construction - Landmark
  • Defiant Energy Tower - Landmark
  • First Bank of Titan City - Landmark
  • Gallowglass Enterprises - Mogul
  • Hotel Tethys - Mogul
  • Laurel House - Landmark
  • One Avatar Plaza - Mogul
  • Orbit Room - Landmark
  • Titan City Stock Exchange - Landmark
  • Vigilance Building - Landmark
  • Waterford-Johnson Enterprises - Landmark
Downtown 4

Downtown History

Sometimes known as "the business district," "the Skyscraper District," or "City Center," Downtown is definitely the heart of the action in Titan City.

Downtown 5

Built over the course of a century, its soaring spires and spectacular towers stand as testaments to the city’s enduring strength. Noted Titanite Chester Gilbertson once described the area:

“This is the beating heart of a city. Even as the city sleeps, the streets are alive and restless. People stride to work full of purpose, or play on sidewalk and skywalk chasing their idle pastimes. Ranks of automobiles throng the streets, and the skies are always full of birds, planes, and super women and men.”

Downtown 6

From the early years of the Steward’s Bay colonies through the turn of the twentieth century, this area contained a crowded, busy assortment of offices, apartments, government buildings, and stores. The fire of 1908 reduced the entire area to charred rubble.

Downtown 7

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. City planners redrew the area’s layout, replacing the tangle of winding, narrow streets with a grid of wider thoroughfares suited to automobiles. More importantly, the demand for new construction lured visionary architects and builders from all over the world.

Downtown 8

In the 1920’s and ‘30’s, its skyscrapers achieved worldwide renown. The “shining spires of Titan” became as symbolic of the city as its burgeoning hero population. Even today, no image of Titan City is more iconic than that of a hero perched on an elaborately molded skyscraper, standing watch over the city.

Downtown 9

Building continued in the decades after World War II, adding gleaming glass-and-steel International Style towers to the Deco architecture of Downtown. Like the downtowns of many other American cities, the Skyscraper District experienced some economic malaise beginning in the 1970’s, but it never grew as severe as in some other cities. Today, only the area around Common Street still looks depressed and deserted.

Downtown 10

Several buildings suffered serious damages in Hurricane Atlas, and a few even collapsed. Most of them have now been replaced with Postmodern equivalents. The new construction also finally jump-started a project that had been discussed since the 1930’s: an attempt to connect skyscrapers with a network of skywalks and platforms, creating a true “vertical city.”

Downtown 11

Even more surprisingly, airship traffic, gone since before World War II, has recently returned to the area, with aerial visitors ranging from blimps to more unwelcome ones like the Aether Pirates. The last decade and a half has seen a rebirth of business and tourism in downtown.

Downtown 12

Downtown is home to a number of commonly recognized neighborhoods, including:

  • Fountain Street is named for a very small fountain rebuilt there soon after the fire of 1908. This area is home to Titan City’s tallest skyscraper, the Liberty Building, as well as many other famous structures.
  • Where flowing stone and colorful ornamentation characterize Fountain Street, Armistice Street is a place of reflective glass and steel, echoing interiors, and the biggest of big business, including the famed Titan City Stock Exchange. Cape Chasers may want to visit the Orbit Room revolving restaurant, a popular hangout for crimefighters.
  • Next is Fitzgerald Square, named for the united city’s first mayor. This small neighborhood contains much of the downtown area’s retail and residential space.
  • Named for the common pasture that occupied this area long ago, Common Street is the least healthy part of downtown. This area boomed in the postwar years, and many mid-rise buildings were built. Common Street suffered greatly in the economic contractions of the seventies, and now many of those buildings are empty or in serious need of repair.
  • Perhaps the most unusual feature of Downtown is the Skywalks. The skywalks connect the upper levels of several of the tallest buildings at the intersection of the Fountain Street and Armistice Street neighborhoods. A “vertical neighborhood,” this area includes enclosed and open skywalks connecting the buildings, as well as several rooftops.
  • Downtown 13

    Downtown is home to a huge, wildly eclectic range of superbeings and superpowered groups. Some of the more frequently glimpsed groups include enforcers of the Black Rose, the Aether Pirates, and the ePunk Radicals. Prominent supers often seen in the area include Captain Orbit (who can be found, obviously, at the Orbit Room), the speedster Celerity, and a host of others. Nearly every prominent hero and villain in the city has fought in or at least passed through Downtown on multiple occasions.

    Make sure to take some time exploring Downtown, not just running through it on the way to your next mission. There is a whole world to explore here!