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How it's Made: Weighting the Model

Hi, I'm Paul Zanca, also known as Flesh Forge, and I'm a senior character modeler for Missing Worlds Media. Recently we spent some time improving the character models' weighting and bending. Both the male and female characters had a range of problems that needed solving. To demonstrate my work to a digital team, I make a lot of gifs, which meant I had a lot of before and after shots when I was done. This is the kind of detail polishing you don't often know about, but it's all essential for a quality game.

Each gif shows both the before and after side by side, being put through the same paces to prove and demonstrate the changes. Each area presented its own problems and the entire overhaul took about a week. It's a detailed process.

Both the Male and Female had problems at the back of the neck and head:

The Male groin area got improved:

The Female character had numerous major corrections, including the leg and gluteus:

[Fleg2.gif] [FLeg3.gif]

The clavicle and upper arm:

And the spine/pelvis:

Also the hands of both characters have been replaced with lower poly count, more anatomically-correct new ones:

And here is the end result. We also wanted to check how the updated bending interacted with the body morphs:

Thanks to: Paul 'Fleshforge'

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