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Ironport has always been the seat of Titan City’s industrial economy. Located in an ideal position to take advantage of New England’s abundant natural resources, Ironport has helped elevate Titan City from a collection of tiny settlements to the economic powerhouse it is today.

But Ironport is far from a shining icon of industry.

Though Ironport was first established in the 1800s, when Weston opened its first steel mill, the real history of Ironport began in 1909, after it rose from the ashes of the great fire. Before the fire, IronPort was home to a few factories across a narrow bay from Weston. The fire on the southern peninsula broke out from one of these mills, and devastated the neighboring town of Clarkstown. Following the fire, citing safety precaution, it was not the first such industrial accident, a channel, nominally for fire control, was cut between the industrialized Ironport, and the residential areas to the west. The wreckage of the fire was piled up, and became the foundation to an expansion of the newly formed island, and in short order, the source of so much destruction was transformed into the heart of rebirth.

Located at the nexus of multiple major industrial trade routes, the newly rebuilt Ironport quickly established itself as an industrial powerhouse. The channel and land reclamation efforts had turned the area into an ideal transport hub. The advent of the second World War only served to strengthen Ironport’s position, when the area served as a major manufacturing hub for the Atlantic theater, creating ships and weaponry.

Where there is wealth, corruption soon follows, and Ironport is no exception.

Since the 1920s, the syndicates of Titan City have been trying to control the flow of wealth in Ironport. Countless groups have tried to take control over the area over the years, clashing in secret in the back alleys of Harborside and beneath the factories of Milltown. Through secret wars and government crackdowns, only one syndicate has risen above all others in Ironport: The Black Rose. The shadowy syndicate, through their manipulation of the Pyrebrands, has burrowed its way into nearly every aspect of Ironport: taking cuts from taxes and tariffs, smuggling illegal goods on industrial ships, and extorting protection money from every factory in the area. Their word in Ironport is law, though it’s far from undisputed. The Five Dragons, using the Unforgiven as their proxy, and the Barons have both made pushes into the area, claiming minor footholds in the various districts.

Ironport may be the city’s industrial and cargo transit hub, but there’s a war seething just below the surface. To counter the gangs, the Barons have made a move on the district as well, attempting to protect the people of Ironport from the dueling factions. It is only a matter of time before the current status breaks down. All the while, dark secrets lurk inside the factories and shipyards of Ironport. Strange monsters, ruthless criminals… and a sleeping titan that could threaten to turn all of Titan City on its head.


  • Hugging the docks between Southend and Highpoint, Harborside is one of the nicer and more affluent areas in Ironport, though the close proximity to a major industrial area limits one’s definition of “nice” to somewhat. While the gangs don’t war openly in the streets, their presence can be felt everywhere; In the Back Alleyways and basements, hidden in the back rooms of front businesses… Just because it’s relatively safe doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch your back.
  • The main seat of industrial exports for Titan City, Southend Docks is bustling and active. Brightly colored shipping containers line the docks, and small warehouses for interim storage are located along the shore. But the place is somewhat of a working hazard lately. Gangs actively fight for control of the docks, occasionally clashing with authorities and vigilantes who wander in. Shipping is somewhat of a mess, with far more than “just” industrial goods being smuggled in. In the throes of this gang war, it’s impossible to know just what is being smuggled in (or out) alongside the raw materials.
  • During World War II, these peaceful shipyards were converted to aid in the manufacture of ships for the Atlantic Theater. The Slips were only partially converted back after the war, with many remnants of the old war still lingering in the area. The gang presence in the area has slowed the reconstruction of the neighborhood considerably, so you can still see WW2 Era propaganda (including some “Kilroy was here” graffiti) on some buildings, which have been converted into bases for the various factions in the area.
  • A bustling hub of factories, steel mills, and the airfield, Milltown is the industrial heart of Ironport, processing the raw materials brought in via Southend. Milltown is always brimming with activity, both legal and criminal. A new gang has appeared recently, focused on trying to take over the manufacturing plants for their own use. Other factions have launched mundane attacks, with some even secretly taking control of major factories.
  • Located in (or rather, underneath) the waters of Ironport, the Dive is frequented by divers and adventure seekers who wish to find the ships that perished here during the Fire of 1908. It’s only marking is a small floating platform and some buoys. Beneath the surface, however, is a massive chasm filled with the charred remains of sunken ships and even some wreckage from the fire. Some more adventurous groups have occasionally used the area to launch attacks on particularly valuable ships.