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Control Sets

Gravity Control

Some say gravity is the most powerful force in the universe. Time to prove them right.

Gravity is a control set that focuses on affecting single targets. Some control abilities generate a gravity well on a target, pulling all enemies closer. Other abilities may have additional effects if a target is caught in a gravity well.

A sneak peek at abilities

Zero G (tier 2): This ranged control is a single target, medial hold for a brief duration, causing light physical damage on impact and continues to cause light damage over time. The enemy becomes a gravity well, drawing all other surrounding enemies toward it. Recharge Fast.

Fluctuate Gravity (tier 6): This ranged control continually knocks down an enemy over a very brief period of time. A critical hit will cause the enemy to be continually knocked upward over time. The affected enemy will suffer very strong physical damage over time with each knock effect. Should the target be caught in a gravity well, it will be be affected by a physical medial hold for a very brief duration. Recharge Very Fast.

Psychic Control

The body is subject to the mind. Control the mind and the body follows.

Psychic Control specializes in affecting single targets. What it gives up in area effects it makes up for the ability to cause more damage on enemies under a control effect.

A sneak peek at abilities

Cognitive Disruption (tier 3): One of the possible tier 3 branch abilities, this ability causes the enemy to lose control and fall down taking medial exotic damage and suffering a recharge debuff to their abilities for a short duration. If the enemy is already under a psychic control effect, it will take very light exotic damage and also be hindered with a light debuff to its awareness, which may have it miss when it does attack. Recharge Fast.

Sensory Deprivation (tier 6): A single target attack doing light exotic damage to an enemy, may leave them immobilized or slowed for a very short duration, suffering very light exotic damage over time, will have its damage reduced and awareness debuffed for a short duration. If the enemy is already under another psychic control effect, it will take very light exotic damage and also be hindered with a light recharge debuff. Recharge Super Fast.

Power Control

Leave your enemies drained of their energy and helpless under your influence.

Power Control slowly drains the power of your enemies, decreasing their capability to continue using abilities. Many effects of your abilities will be improved depending on how much of their power you have depleted.

A sneak peek at abilities

Nullify Velocity (tier 1): A single target control that will slow or immobilize an enemy for a very short duration, doing light physical damage, and continues to affect them with very light physical damage over time. Your enemy will also suffer a light debuff to their power resource for a short duration. All damage and immobilization effects are improved based on the amount of the enemy’s power recovery is debuffed. Recharge Super Fast.

Obstruction (tier 6): You summon a physical obstruction within medial range to impede your enemy from attacking. It will have a medial amount of hit points and can be destroyed. However, anyone who treads near it will have their movement reduced and power resource debuffed. Recharge Extremely Long.


Never trust what you see, deception is a powerful weapon.

Illusions mainly focus on distorting locations to a range of effects meant to hinder your opponents. With a few additional tricks up the sleeve, Illusions offers a few different tactics to take advantage of the situations it creates.

A sneak peek at abilities

Trick of Light (tier 3): You create a field around you debuffing the awareness of any enemy within reach and can cause them to become charmed and attack other enemies for a very short period of time. Recharge Medial.

Illusionary Images (tier 5): You summon a pair of temporary images which remain near you for a long duration and will attack your enemies with ranged very light exotic damage attacks and taunting them for a very short period of time. You will continue to create additional pairs of images as you improve in levels. Because this images aren’t real, they can’t be harmed, but you also have no control over your enemies’ perceptions and thus, little control over which enemy is attacked if there is more than one enemy in the area. Recharge Extremely Long.

Force Control

Cause them to fall, be stopped in their tracks, or thrown to the skies, nothing escapes your might.

Force Control physically controls your enemies by slowing their movement, holding them in place, or creating objects to impede them. Well thought out placement of objects and focusing with single target abilities can affect the field of battle.

A sneak peek at abilities

Shackle (tier 1): This control attack can slow movement or immobilize a single enemy. Shackle will cause them to take very light damage and suffer light damage over a short duration of time. Recharge: Super Fast.

Reflective Barrier (tier 5): You summon a physical object which can block off an area within medial range. Enemies will either have to climb over it or around if there is room. Otherwise, their only course of action would be to wait until it is no longer in their way, or destroy it. However, Reflective Barrier is fairly sturdy having medial hit points and will also redirect a portion of damage it receives back to its attackers. Recharge Extremely Long.