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2020 Recap and a Look Ahead to 2021

Happy 2021 Everyone!

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. At times, it seemed like things here at Missing Worlds Media weren’t moving forward as much as we would have liked, and we weren’t able to show off as many things as we had planned. But in hindsight, (and isn’t hindsight always 20/20) a lot of big changes happened in the development of City of Titans.

A little later in this update we’ll be talking about some of the new projects we’ll be working on in 2021, new content for our Website, some new images, and we'll have a NEW VIDEO to share, but first we’d like to take a look back at everything that happened in City of Titans in 2020.

We started the year with a video tour of Alexandria, the first neighborhood players will visit in-game Happy New Year 2020

After that, we revisited our alignment system to explain how City of Titans will be more than just a battle between Good and Evil. Beyond good and Evil 2

We revisited Alexandria and its districts The City Lives- Alexandria Construction Update and took the time to show off some landmarks.

Then, when it seemed like everything in the world had come to a complete stop, we made some big improvements in our technology that actually helped accelerate development Letter From Lockdown

What’s a game without rewards? We looked into our system that will allow players to customize gameplay to match their own styles What We Can Do: Rewards

In the middle of the year we announced the first big additions and changes to the Avatar Builder. Plenty of new options from our artists, and the first tests of the technology that will tie the game together July 2020 Patch and Game Function Update

More changes and some new recruits followed in September, bringing us more streamlined tech, fireworks, and more options for Avatars Labor Day September Patch 2020

A quick update in October brought us more streamlining, and tech improvements including the well received ‘Instant Preview’ feature and exploding pumpkins October 2020 Avatar Builder Instant Preview

We followed that up with another quick patch in early November that took suggestions from our players and made changes to how materials are handled. One Shot: The Eyes Have It. And then we followed that up with an update talking about landscape improvements that will help the game run better for those players that do not have state of the art gaming rigs. November Patch 2020 A World of Improvements

To cap it all off, December brought us a new control menu, an even more streamlined User Interface, more Avatar options, an early look at our in-game chat and multiplayer test zone, and the confirmation that we are very close to being able to fulfill a Kickstarter stretch goal that will bring MacOS support to City of titans December Patch 2020: Ordering From the Menu

That is a lot to pack into a year, but we have changes coming in the new year that will keep building on the progress of 2020.

Let's start off with a huge development that we mentioned very briefly in our last update. For the last few months, we’ve had a design team working on adapting City of Titans for use on MacOS machines. Our crew has been creating client side programming that will let Apple users load, patch, and run the game directly without the use of emulators. Usually a game is not adapted for MacOS until late in the development process, if it happens at all. We realized that we had enough people with the skill and talent on the team right now, so it didn’t make sense to wait. We’ve always intended for our game to be available to as many types of machine as possible. The Mac client is currently undergoing internal testing and we should be able to roll it out in the near future. Expect to hear more about this, soon.

One of the biggest design projects that is building steam is Multiplayer. This is a lot of smaller systems that need to be connected; but when they’re all together, this is what makes a game an MMO. We’ve already used our Island test map to show you some of the most basic functions with map design, a Holiday package hunt, NPC interactions, and exploding pumpkins, but now we’re ready to take what we learned there, and start applying it to the larger game world.

An in-game chat system has been developed. In some ways this was the easiest of the multiplayer functions, but we’re not able to fully test it until we can connect it to other systems.

Our Combat team is beginning the process of connecting our combat system to the basics included in the Unreal engine. Once we have those working at an acceptable level, then we’ll begin to test and make the improvements that will make it unique to City of Titans. We’ll show you more about this later in the year.

Another area being added is the movement system. The basic system that has been in use on the island is being reworked for better control and more movement styles. A large part of the testing here will involve making sure that movement is happening when and where it should. We don’t want anyone walking on air or running into walls unintentionally.

We’ve already tested some map improvements on the Island and we’ve been applying those to our main game neighborhoods. To help kick off 2021, we want to share significant progress in Titan City neighborhoods and zones. Internally, we’ve seen some incredible screenshots and videos coming from dev’s desktops of the things they’ve put together, but much of it wasn’t ready to show to the public.

Until now.

This video shows new work on the Old Bradford and Downtown districts which are now nearly complete, along with Alexandria which we featured last year. We think you will see that these neighborhoods are exciting spaces to explore. All three are near fully built, mostly just awaiting final lighting and finishing work, along with some building work still being completed in Downtown.

We also have built an immersive look into Titan City neighborhoods with new pages on our website located Here. If there is anything you saw in our neighborhood videos that you want to know more about, you'll be able to find information on all of the City’s unique locations. The new website changes will include an overview of Titan City and a detailed page for each Neighborhood filled with pictures and in-depth descriptions of all the Landmarks and Moguls you'll find there.

We’re starting with full pages for Alexandria, Old Bradford and Downtown, but we're also including descriptions of Victory Beach, North Eastern Research District and Aurora District because, as we continue to work on those over the coming year, we will have plenty of interesting things to show you as each of those neighborhoods progress. Expect to see the website changes rolling out over the next few days.

As a preview, we wanted to share some of the pictures you’ll find there. Titan City is going to be an exciting place, and we hope these pictures give you some sense of that. We hope you'll take a look through the new pages and learn more about the all the fascinating places in Titan City.

As you can see, everything looks great. But we've reached the point where it's useful to put a character in the world so we can test scaling, look for any holes in the map that need patching, and check to see if every surface that is meant to be solid works as intended. Once we're confident that players won't fall through the world or walk through walls, we'll be able to start connecting the multiplayer systems when they are ready.

There’s been a lot going on, but there’s so much more to come. Even after a tough year, our all-volunteer team at MWM gave all the free time they could find after tending to families and day jobs to make sure that City of Titans kept moving forward.

As a company, we love sharing updates and engaging with the public, our players, and our backers. To that end, we will continue to stay active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. We read comments on all the articles written about us and our game, and we even have a Discord server where players can talk to us directly. Links to all of those are included below. We’re looking forward to engaging with you as the year goes on.

Happy 2021 everyone - and we look forward to an exciting year with you.

Thanks go out to all the team members that helped put this update together.

Jason “PenitentRebel” Comerford - Video photography and production.
Tal “Masada”l Klieger - Original Music
Nathan “Red Warlock” Purkiss - City building
Nate “Doctor Tyche” Downes- Landscape Building
Richard “AvelWorldCreator” Robertson - Sky / lighting design
“Ashenfall” - City Mapping
Rick “Dark Ether” Lamb - Gray Boxing
Sebastien “Artemis Planck” Maik- Web page design and implementation
Richard “DesViper” Miller- Web page design
Paul “Warlocc” Tanguay -Web page design
Chris “Warcabbit” Hare - Cat wrangling

And all of our incredible Lore team for creating the foundation that the City is built on.

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