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The City Lives: Alexandria Construction Update

The City Lives!

This week as we all approach our lives in various states of social distancing, we thought it would be good to share an update showing that the work continues for building Titan City. In fact, given that many of our volunteer artists are staying at home from work, we are seeing a burst of extra productivity on the project.

A few months ago, we shared a video of Alexandria. Today, we want to share some snapshots of additional work being done there.

Olympia Neighborhood:

On the South/East Side of Phoenix Plaza is the gritty “Olympia” neighborhood, which was hit hard by Hurricane Atlas. You may remember seeing in our New Year’s video a sunken ship at the harbor and a few other pictures of this neighborhood, but we have done lots of additional work completing this area since January:

Ephesus University:

In the past we have shared some pictures of buildings at Titan City’s premiere campus, but the campus and its surrounding area are now near complete (with lighting effects, flying trash / college exams and other finishing touches still needed):

Residences, Stores and Nightlife by the University:

The area around the university will look like many downtown areas in college towns, with bookstores, restaurants, bars and nightlife to keep the students entertained.

Bridges to Old Bradford:

We also have been working on the entryway area from Alexandria into Old Bradford, which was hit hard by Hurricane Atlas and has a memorial wall at the hurricane ruins site.

This is just a quick snapshot, but we wanted to emphasize that we are staying healthy, continuing our work on building Titan City, and we hope all of you out there are staying healthy too! Best wishes from all of us at Missing Worlds Media.

Thanks go out to Nathan 'Red Warlock' Purkiss for the pictures and captions for this update; and a BIG thank you goes out to our entire city design and building team for all their hard work in bringing the city together.

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