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Labor Day- September Patch 2020

Thanks to our Tech crew and our newest recruit, iathor, we have another patch available. This patch not only adds new features to the Avatar Builder, but incorporates more system wide improvements that will simplify the integration of new game components in City of Titans.

Changes and Fixes in this build

- Minor changes have been made to the UI behavior to make it more consistent and easier to follow.

- Controls will now always display current character settings and players will be able to mouse over color selection boxes and items stored on the shelf, to see what colors and materials have been assigned.

- Sliders for glow, hair length and emblem placement will show current settings and number values when hovered over or adjusting.

- Fixed issues with eyebrows, body and facial hair, and tattoos so that they reset to 'none' correctly.

- The skin color picker can now be dismissed without selecting a color, by clicking the “show color picker” button again.

- Hair and skullcaps are now unified in the UI, and the separate skullcap button is gone. Skullcap type is now set in a combo box when hair is selected, and color is taken from the #3 color selection box.

- Indexing for pattern and detail has been revised. this will make it easier to add costume parts in the future without breaking existing characters.

- Eye patterns are now working for female models.

- The eye button has been moved closer to the top of the secondary head menu to make it more visible.

- The music can now be muted in the builder and on the island.

Changes of Additions to Costume Pieces

- Female utility belt and police belt can now be colored and have materials set properly.

- Loose and generic pants for females now have a “plain” detail option.

- Fixes to hair

- New hair options.

And finally, we’ve included an additional feature to the island. If you find the right place to stand, you’ll see something special to help celebrate the end of Summer.

Thank you for continuing to support us, and for your comments and suggestions.

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