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One shot: The Eyes Have It

Happy November!

Autumn has finally started for most of us, and as we look ahead to the end of the year and the beginning of the holiday season, City of Titans has reached a small, but very important milestone.

Last year, almost exactly to the day, we opened up our online webstore and kicked off the Second Chance funding campaign for those people who were not able to participate in the initial Kickstarter. Since then, over six thousand people from across the globe have become backers of City of Titans.

Thank you all.

We say that every time, but we cannot say it enough. Without you, there is no City. Without your support, your encouragement, your enthusiasm and, yes even your criticism, the City would not be as far along as it is.

Because of your support we’ve been able to build and deliver the Avatar Builder that lets you bring your ideas to life. Since that first version a year ago, we’ve been able to make improvements based on your feedback, and we expect that to continue. In fact, this comment happened on our Discord page just a few days ago.

So does the avatar builder let us have "silver glitter" eyes?

That got us wondering; and, after a little experimentation over the weekend, a member of our coding crew started posting these images

What you're seeing there are eyes that will be able to draw from the same materials menu as costume pieces. This will give you even more options for your character designs. Because of your feedback, we'll be adding that feature to the Avatar Builder in an upcoming patch.

We do listen to all your comments and suggestions here on the forums, on Discord, and on our social media pages. We're not always able to jump on specific items, but when we can we're happy to bring them to you.

To the over six thousand of you that continue to offer your support, we say again, Thank you. It means more than we can say. And we promise to keep bringing you more as we finish out 2020 and move into 2021.

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