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What We Can Do: Rewards

Not all that long ago, we gave you an update about our reputation system. For this week’s update, we’d like to add to those ideas and talk about our system of Rewards.

Rewards are what you earn as you defeat enemies, earn achievements, and complete missions. There will be primarily two types: Incremental and Dropped. Incremental Rewards are the ones earned over time for each activity your character performs. Whereas, Dropped Rewards are items that go into your inventory and are earned based on chance. Although these ideas are based on well established systems, we’ll take a few minutes and discuss how both will work in City of Titans, and how they are affected when you are either soloing or on a team.

Prepare For Glory!

The main incremental reward your character earns is called Glory. It is conceptually the thing that your character finds motivating. Glory can be found in personal improvement (Experience), being known (Renown), or through influential means (Credibility).

Experience is used for improving your character’s level. We’ll explain more about the numbers behind that at a later date, but this is the basic kind of XP system that has existed in gaming since the beginning. Renown, which we covered in our update Beyond Good and Evil II, improves how well your character is generally perceived by NPC’s in the game according to their label such as Hero or Villain. Credibility is the ability of your character to get things done. Whether this is representative of their monetary resources, force of personality, or ability to call upon favors, Credibility measures how well they can obtain the means necessary to achieve goals. Credibility will be the currency used for trading in the game’s auction house, crafting, and maintaining your base.
Each enemy rank will have its own reward value which will be adjusted in relation to your character’s level. Rewards will be reduced by each level of the enemy below yours, eventually reaching 0 if the enemy is 5 levels or more lower than you. Rewards will increase if the enemy you are facing is above your character’s level, but be careful, higher level enemies can be quite dangerous!

‘Cause I steal, I don’t kill

Kill stealing in games can be frustrating at times. While it is impossible to account for every scenario, we can try to minimize what happens when more than one person attacks the same target when they are not in a group. The Glory value of the target will get shared based on the percentage of damage dealt to the enemy. If two people are attacking the same enemy and it is defeated, both get credited for the defeat. The Glory will then be split, and both earn a chance at any Dropped rewards.

Group Up!

You’ll be able to form groups of up to 8 characters to engage in content. When you are in a group, the reward earned for defeating an enemy is split among each group member. Groups will receive a multiplier to their bonus based on size to offset the division of rewards. Additional bonuses will be applied based on the number of Superteam members and League members you are grouped with. All characters in a group will have their level adjusted to that of the group leader’s. Higher level characters are brought down to match the group leader’s while lower level characters are adjusted to one level below. Rewards will then be based on your character’s adjusted level and the overall mission difficulty.

If you accept this mission…

Mission Completion rewards will also be divided into Experience, Renown, and Credibility. You will be able to adjust the overall level of missions, making them easier by one level, or by increasing the difficulty by up to five levels. When teaming with others, the mission’s owner will become the group leader and the level of all group members will be automatically adjusted as we explained above. Not only will Completion rewards be adjusted based on the difficulty, but mission rewards will also scale based on certain mission-specific Achievements. Mission Achievements can include things like a bonus for remaining undefeated, defeating every enemy, using stealth to complete the objective, not using Reserves, or not using any non-mission specific temporary powers. Certain missions, such as those that end a Series (or connected string of missions) will yield an additional bonus.

Show me the loot!

As we have already described, rewards are given automatically when you defeat an enemy. No looting off of corpses or anything like that is required. The same is done for any Dropped items you may earn. Our goal for launch is for all drops to be related to the crafting system. What items are Dropped will be based on chance. The higher the enemy rank defeated, the higher chance for a drop. Items will then drop according to their rarity. Rarity ranges from Simple (common) to Very Complex (very rare). At launch this range will be limited based on the needs of the crafting system, but this gives us room for future expansion. We’ll explain more about the crafting system and how it will work, in a future update.

Why so glorious?

So what makes Glory so different? Glory is flexible. You, as a player, will be able to adjust all or part of your Reward, but not lose out entirely on earning something for your activity. You will be able to adjust Experience, Renown, and Credibility to meet your needs. For example: if you don’t want to level as quickly, don’t want to outlevel certain content, or you reach the level cap, you can dial back your earned Experience and convert some of it into Glory. The same idea applies to Renown and Credibility. If you’ve reached the level of notoriety you want, you can adjust your Renown downward, or you can stop earning Credibility altogether if that’s how you see your character. Once you have some Glory stored up you’ll be able to use it in different ways. You could use it to purchase a chance to roll off a random drop table, or obtain a specific item, or other things we’ll cover in future updates. Glory gives us a way to expand into alternate forms of advancement. It has plenty of possibilities.

As you might guess, this is a system that will need testing. We may need to revise the underlying numbers, and make changes as time moves forward. We’ll talk more about all this in the future but, until then, we’ll continue to build a game that gives you a choice.

Thanks go out to developer Tannim222 for the information and his work on this update.

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