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July 2020 Patch and Game Function Update

This week we have some exciting progress that we’re finally able to share with you. We are announcing a patch to the Avatar Builder that will be released next week. This patch will feature new costuming pieces, and will make some important coding changes that will improve functionality throughout all of City of Titans.

You might have seen some of our new costume pieces coming together on livestream. We have some pictures for you below but if you want to go back and watch the work as it happened, visit Artstrong's channel at

Those are just a few of the new costume pieces. During live play, some will be found on NPC’s, some will be Unlockable items, and others will be part of the basic set that will be available to all players. The list below should give you an idea of the new pieces coming with this patch. There are many more that our art team is working on, and those will be added as soon as they are ready.

Medical Masks – Surgical Masks (Female/Male)
Road Rage Mask – Road Rage (Male)
Barbarian Belt_01 – Barbarian Belt (Male)
Barbarian Belt_02 – Barbarian Belt Skulls (Male)
Female Belt_01 – Wonder (Female)
Silly Sandals - (Female/Male)

Cape 01 – Angles
Cape 02 - Vertex
Cape 03 - Ancients
Cape 04 – Scarred
Cape 05 - Mage
Cape 06 - Warlock
Cape 07 - Etched
Cape 08 - Feet
Cape 09 - Old Ones
Cape 10 - Knight
Cape 11 - Flight
Cape 12 - Stripes
Cape 13 – Arachnid (Long)
Cape 14 – Patriot 01
Cape 15 – Stars and Stripes
Cape 16 - Engage
Cape 17 – Fairy Wings(Short)
Cape 18 – Arachnid (Short)

Faction Related pieces:

APOX: Male And Female
Shirt – T-Shirt_Fit(Female/Male)
Pants – Ripped Jeans(Female/Male)
Shoes – Skate Shoes(Female/Male)
Shirt – Fitted Long Sleeve(Female/Male)
Pants – Fitted Pockets(Female)
Pants – Studded Jeans (Male)
Pants – Fitted Tech(Female)
Pants – Tight jeans(Male)

Tongue Lasher:
Shirt – Rocker Vest(Female)
Pants – Rocker Pants(Female)
Boots – Rocker Boots(Female)
Gloves – Rocker Gloves(Female)

Rooks: Gender Specific

Shirt – Fitted Muscle
Shorts – Boxing Shorts
Gloves – fingerless wraps
Boots – Boxing Boots

Shirt – Ripped Sleeveless
Pants – Rough Necks
Boots - Motorcycle boots

Corset – Boned Corset
Pants – Laced Leather
Gloves – Tough Leather
Boots – Motorcycle Boots(Knee highs)

Boots – Metal Boots
Corset – Metal Corset
Pants – Tight Jeans
Skirt - Leather Skirt (Short)
Vest - Leather Vest

Memory Full Outfit Minus Cape

Spandex Patterns:

Arcane (Male/Female)
Blaster (Male/Female)
Dem Bones (Male/Female)
Thorns (Male/Female)
Chevron (Female)
Lightnings 2 (Female)
M (Female)
Paragon (Female)
Triads (Female)
Webbing (Female)
Cat Suit (Female)

Spandex Armors:

Fantasy Armor_02 - Forest (Female)
Stealth Armor_01 – Stealth Armor (Female/Male)
Tech Armor_01 – Tech Armor 01 (Female)

Not only have we added new costume items, but a lot of work has been done ‘under the hood’ that not only improves this part of the game, but will benefit all of City of Titans.

You may recall us mentioning a development tool called ‘Substance’. This is what we’ve been using to create our materials library. But to integrate it with the Unreal engine, it had to pass through a third program, and that increased file sizes and memory demands. Thanks to the hard work of developer Jamie 'GeeksGoneBad' Cunningham, the material files now work directly with Unreal, meaning that the files will load quicker and take up less space. This means that not only character files, but all of City of Titans will run more efficiently, since the game engine draws on these same material files for creating the world in Live play.

Another improvement being worked on by developer Richard 'AvelWorldCreator' Robertson has been a change to the coding that better responds to the player’s computer system so that the Avatar Builder isn’t always trying to run at maximum capacity. This will improve overall game performance for players with less powerful systems.

Integration between the Avatar Builder and other game elements has also been improved. Since the internal/external map generators, and the combat system will all be using the Avatar Builder to generate NPC’s, City of Titans will now need to use less resources to populate the city. This will also streamline our next stage of development, as we start integrating all of these elements together. We’ll talk more about that in future updates.

Avel has also been working on improvements to the slider controls, more menu options for controlling audio/video settings, and improved load/save features that will be used across game elements. These will be released to players once they are ready to go.

Overall, what these changes mean for players is that, with this patch City of Titans will begin to run smoother, take up less memory and RAM, will be more expandable, and able to adapt better to the hardware it’s being run on.

When this patch is released next week, you will be able to use your existing loader to receive the new files. We will make announcements to let you know when the new patch is Live. If you do not already have a copy of the loader, please visit and create an account. Your donation of $50 or more will include a copy of the Avatar Builder that you can begin using immediately, a full copy of the game via digital download, three months of VIP status once the game is Live, advanced account activation during release weekend, and the rewards included in the lower donation tiers.

You may have noticed some new neighborhoods shown in the banner for this update and a couple of preview photos we included of new sections of Titan City. A lot of work has been going into building the Old Bradford and Downtown Neighborhoods, but the neighborhoods are not quite ready to go as part of a patch yet. We’ll be showing you more of those neighborhoods and talking about the work done on them in a future update.

Thank you for being a vital part of the project. We’ll see you in the City.

Thanks go out to developers Richard "AvelworldDesigner" Robertson and Jamie "GeeksGoneBad" Cunningham, as well as City Designer Nathan "Red Warlock" Purkiss for their work on this update.
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