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the Mogul, `tis I

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Lothic wrote:
Lothic wrote:
Blue Battler wrote:

I'd like a skyscraperesque structure since I wanted it named The Blue Battletower ... and I'd prefer some blue to it, but other than that I'm flexible. :D

Well if you paid for a Mogul and you wanted it named "The Blue Battletower" I would hope that whatever you end up with would at the very least be bluish in color. ;)

My wife and I went to London while we were visiting Europe in July, and we stopped by The Shard, a skyscraper that, as the name implies, looks like a giant shard of glass. The glass is this blue hue that’s really attractive to the eye (there are a couple buildings like that in London actually), and The Blue Battletower instantly conjures up an image of something like that.

Name: Safehouse
Ranger: Gunner
Primary: Force Blast
Secondary: Atrophic Aura
Tertiary: Kinetic Melee
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