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How important is costume clipping for you?

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Viceroy_Nute_Gunray wrote:
Viceroy_Nute_Gunray wrote:

It's getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!

Yeah I agree with that statement.

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Jazzhands wrote:
Jazzhands wrote:

The amount of quotings reached it´s limit. Stahp and reply like normal persons!

There have been forum goers that single quote then other people interject not fully understanding the context of the conversation. Then the thread gets further derailed. It (chained quotes) serves to keep the conversation focused.

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Solution: add positional

Solution: add positional sliders much like body size sliders to certain costume parts so we can adjust them. As it stands now you already have them automatically adjust with the physical characters body so if people are really this worried about clipping this works for everyone.

Don’t really care though so long as we dont have half our belt clipping through a skirt or something.

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Question: If your character

Question: If your character will be wearing a mask why put on a beard? If you change your costume to without a mask, then have your beard on?

Or am I missing something here...

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As you'll have different

As you'll have different costume slot, i think you could do one with the beard without a mask, and one without a beard with a mask and then you can turn on the one or the other :)

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I don't see why one couldn't

I don't see why one couldn't have either a beard or a mask or both. Not all masks cover the lower face...

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It's a clip on beard ...

It's a clip on beard ...

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Managing clipping is super

Managing clipping is super low priority for my personal gaming enjoyment in most MMOs. I easily overlook it while I'm blasting bad/good guys to oblivion. As noted above, some folks even use it to create a whole new costume look that may not be possible without clipping. So clipping isn't universally unhelpful. As long as clipping is addressed "in the long run" I think that would be satisfactory. Getting the game up and running seems like a stronger priority even if it may be slightly less efficient to address clipping later down the road. Of course, "slightly" is a vague term. If we had actual estimates about the opportunity cost of not worrying about clipping vs addressing it now that might be helpful.

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As long as costume pieces don

As long as costume pieces don’t clip with body parts (or, if it’s part of a set, the rest of the set), I can manage (unless, of course, you put a shirt over jeans and the waistband of the jeans is poking through the shirt, or things like that). Reasonable exceptions apply, such as if a piece is supposed to be implanted cybernetics, of course.