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At-Will Powers

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At-Will Powers

so, a lot of mmos have a power/spell that you can cast at any time that has no cost of energy/mana, and no cooldown. dc universe online called them weapons, neverwinter called them at-will powers, and that type of power has always been a lot more fun for me, in any game. so i ask, will you have that type of ability to make combat quicker?

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Every character gets a basic

Every character gets a basic melee and basic ranged attack. These have no power cost but they do have a cool down. The cool downs are fairly short and wouldn’t take much in the way of global buffs to reduce them to be ready by the time the cast time completes.

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Even TOG ("The Old Game") had

Even TOG ("The Old Game") had what they called Universal Inherent Powers (i.e. Brawl) and Origin Powers (i.e. Throwing Knives) which were a small collection of minor powers that were for all practical purposes "any time zero cost" powers.

The one thing that I always disliked about the Origin Powers back in TOG was the very fact that they were locked in place based on a character's origin. For instance if your character was a Science origin guy the game gave you the Tranq Dart power. There was no choice in the matter regardless of character concept. This actually motivated people to choose an origin for their character regardless of character concept just to get the exact power they wanted.

I always thought instead of being locked by origin the game could have provided a pool of say a dozen or so minor powers that a player would get to choose from during character creation. All of these powers could have been geared to be roughly equivalent so that no one power was significantly better than any other. That way a player could choose whichever power they wanted regardless of origin. The extra cool part of this is that the Devs could continually add to that pool of powers over time to provide for more choices and maybe there could be a way to get more than one of those powers as a character levels up. Basically this could be considered a superhero equivalent to the "cantrip" idea from D&D.

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