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Vanity sidekick pets

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Vanity sidekick pets

Over the years I've brought up the idea of a having what I've called "vanity sidekick pets" in CoT. I'll briefly redefine what I mean by that and then I'll explain why I'm mentioning the idea again.

Essentially (in terms of what CoH originally called a vanity pet) I'm talking about having a non-combat pet which follows your character around for RP purposes and has some built-in emotes to animate them. What would make this sidekick pet idea different from CoH would be that it would have its own costume slot just like the ones that PCs will get so that you can customize your "pet" to look any way you wanted. If you wanted a Robin sidekick to follow your Batman around you could do that. Or you could make your pet look like a "romantic love interest" that's common to an overwhelming number of classic comic book characters.

So here's why I'm talking about the idea again: It turns out that the makers of a new computer game called Baldur's Gate 3 (based on the original classic AD&D computer games) just released a playable open access alpha version of their game. As part of its character creation process the game has you customize a "romantic love interest" NPC that presumably would appear in the game at some point. In effect when you create a character in Baldur's Gate 3 you also get to create a customizable NPC that seems to be a lot like what I've been suggesting for CoT.

To be clear I'm not implying CoT should force anyone to have a vanity sidekick pet or require that everyone use that game mechanic to create a romantic love interest if they don't want one. I figure in CoT having a vanity sidekick pet should be something you could either earn as a reward or maybe as something you could buy as an optional unlock from the game store. I'm simply mentioning the concept again because I find it interesting that Baldur's Gate 3 (a RPG game that's been highly anticipated for years) is effectively borrowing the generic idea of having a "customizable NPC related to your PC" be a part of the gameplay.

Just another data point to consider for the Devs of CoT...

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