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Spanish copy editor

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Spanish copy editor

Not sure if this is the right place, but it says "you speak to the devs" so here goes.

In one of the interviews I saw you are looking for copy editors for languages other than English.

I'm wondering if you are looking for someone to work in Spanish. I don't have experience as a copy-editor, but I am making a PhD in Spanish literature, been teaching Spanish for 10 years, and I'm working on a translation emphasis, so I have experience with making the language easy to understand, translating tricky concepts, and am natively bilingual. I'd like to see if I have what is needed for the position.

Who should I contact for this?

What's exactly is needed?

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If they don't get back to you

If they don't get back to you here, up at the top with the Kickstarter threads, is one called FAQS; in that is the Volunteer thread.



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Ojalá puedas hacer algo ...

Ojalá puedas hacer algo ... Puse un tópic sobre sí se tendría en cuenta el idioma español y aparentemente le darían prioridad al alemán y al francés antes. Good luck.

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Yes, we're committed to

Yes, we're committed to French and German because CoH had those localization. We're not ready to pull the trigger on Spanish yet. But please let our Human Resource guy, Mentalshock know that your interested in being part of any Spanish Localization team at


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