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One Shot: UI Improvements

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One Shot: UI Improvements

This week we have a one shot showing off a much requested improvement to the Avatar Builder’s UI. Up to now, you’ve been seeing costuming thumbnails laid out horizontally like this:

The ‘left to right’ scrolling gets the job done, but it’s slow and gets tedious when there’s a big selection. Since the goal IS to have a big selection, our UI designer Zack ”ShadowElusive” Singer has been trying to improve it . Thanks to his work, the thumbnail window will be getting a new look:

The new design of the thumbnails combines a vertical scroll with a larger, more efficient preview window. The revised layout lets users see more options with each movement of the menu. This change to the UI will be just one of many included in future updates to the Avatar Builder.

Once again, thanks to UI designer Zack "Shadow Elusive" Singer for his work on this.

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