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One Shot: Tech in Motion.

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One Shot: Tech in Motion.

In an update a few weeks ago we announced a bit of coding called, Dresser, In the words of creator Jamie “GeeksGoneBad” Cunningham, Dresser is...

“...the system that I wrote that changes the gender of the character, sets all the textures and materials for any Spandex (this includes skin, body hair, tattoos, spandex patterns and materials) it also "puts on" any costume pieces that need to be put on, and also sets the textures and materials that were chosen for the particular costume pieces, it also sets any of the appropriate body modifications that were tweaked, and finally sets and starts the Aura particle system - all in all there's about 300 functions that end up doing all that...”

The current version of Dresser is version 3 or so. The first version of the Avatar Builder used 6 gigabytes of system RAM and 4 of video RAM, and still took far too long to change costumes. Using that much RAM to load any humanoid was obviously unusable and proved that a separate Dresser module was necessary.

Once Dresser was made into its own module, Version 2, it was slimmed down dramatically. Version 2 used about 20 megabytes of system RAM, so it could run reasonably well, on a wider range of machines.

We figured the resource usage was well along, so the tech team worked on the costume change times. Below is a clip showing the current version, Version 3.

Note: the emaciated giant model is unfortunately not available for players, since they need to fit in doorways politely.

As you can see, the costume change time for players and our underfed giant friend are nearly instant, and at roughly the same resources. So, with the Avatar Builder filled in and Dresser able to handle the Builder’s instructions instantly and resource-friendly, that means the Avatar Builder is closer to alpha-ready status!

For that, a big thanks to GeeksGoneBad, Warcabbit, and the rest of the tech team for working to make Titan City a stable and fashionable place!

Written by: Richard "DesViper" Miller

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