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List of races for City of Titans?

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None of which prevents other

None of which prevents other people who want to use Atlantean Backstories from using other theories (like the misplaced decimal/Thera hypothesis), or from deciding whether or not their Atlanteans are in any manner related to mine Tutuapp 9apps Showbox . ^_^

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In fact one hero I once whipped up and will probably use is a Mystic - Power Armor sort of concept; essentially a old school cabalist (not doctor doom shooting blasts) mixed with a robotics engineer who makes a suit that uses a philosophers stone for power; there was a whole Atlantis tie in written in for him too.

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I don't think the original

I don't think the original question about "Races" was specifically a request for them, just a question about their existence. I myself like having some background like that in a world. It gives me a base to build a character off of that has an immediate background connection to the game and other players. It is especially useful for new players who want to RPG in an environment and are overwhelmed with the lack of structure. Just something for thought. Of course a Superhero game by its very nature has almost limitless "races, species, sentients" ....pick your own term. I also recall seeing the word MUTATE used in some official capacity in Marvel. With all the various writers and the way they have butchered cannon and backgrounds. I would bet it does appear in a published marvel work. I also remember it as being as defined here.... I am 60 so I go back to 60s and was very heavy into comics in the 80s, which is where I think the term popped up.