Holidays, Brotherhood, and… oh, yeah, Gameplay.

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Holidays, Brotherhood, and… oh, yeah, Gameplay.

This is going to be an important one, folks, you’ll want to read all of it.

But first, watch this video.

Something unexpected happened the other week, folks. You see, we’ve been working pretty hard on this project for a long time, building all kinds of prototypes. And we didn’t think they were ready for public view.

But we’re not the only place making a superhero MMO. There’s Valiance Online. They’re doing a more focused game, based in a cyberpunk future where the powers come from technology - think of it as like the Marvel 2099 comics.

We’re friendly with them. We talk to them, they talk back - one day, we even want to do crossovers if we can figure out a way to make it work.

They released some pictures of their character creator. Some of their fans - not all, but some vocal ones - started comparing us to them negatively, the usual internet trash talk. Valiance Online are good people. They said ‘now hold on, City of Titans are doing pretty okay themselves.’ and released a demo video we’d showed them. We didn’t feel it was polished enough for release, but, well… we may have been over-cautious. People liked it. A lot.

And then MassivelyOP saw the Valiance posting. And they went and found some more of our demo videos. And the next day we woke up and went ‘Well, this is unexpected. Who said what now?’

Well. Merry Christmas. We’re working hard on the game, and these videos are some of the prototype work by one of our coders. What you see is pretty much purely a test of the new neighborhood, some FX systems, the minimap, the UI, the quest system, interactable mission objects, knockdown, the AI, some combat logic... I could go on. It’s a sandbox that’s basically a standalone subproject of the main game. The leveling system and actual powers are in a different project. It’s not the final powerset, it’s technically not a multiplayer test, and the parts of the game that make characters different haven’t been loaded in. The compass isn’t working yet, either, and the in-game quest text is a placeholder concept. The artist/coder who made it has been pretty nervous about how his work will integrate into City of Titans… but we did it and it works.

We’d like to thank AmIEvil for all his hard work building this test project.

You’ll notice the new MiniHood as well. It’s not so mini anymore. It’s still a lot smaller than any one zone in CoT will be, but it’s a start. It’s also got at least four different styles of buildings in it - some bare boxes, some with interiors, some with walls. We’ve come a long way since early November, and we’re moving further along. Take a close look, you’ll be surprised what you see.

The interesting thing is - we did have something we’re working on, something we’ve been getting ready to show off. And this wasn’t it.

So… have a teaser.

With luck, next year, some of us can celebrate Christmas in Titan City.

Just watch out for the Tannenbomb.

Now, all of this is prototype work. Pretty much all of this is placeholder stuff, not finalized work by the art department. It’s just going to get better after this, once Art’s had their wicked, wicked ways on this bare skeleton you see in front of you.

Discuss this update at:

Thanks to AmIEvil (U2WillDie), AvelWorldCreator, Nicholas Esposito (@NE_3D who did our rigging.) AngelWolf, Marcianit, Petalstorm, Copper Cockroach, and so many, many others here at City of Titans.


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