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Huckleberry wrote:
Huckleberry wrote:

(by the way, whomever updated the forums, nested quotes is handled perfectly now without having to go back and code it myself.)

You're welcome.

More to come.

Has anyone seen my mind? It was right here...

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Redlynne wrote:
Redlynne wrote:
Fireheart wrote:

I don't know if/that there will be a fixed location, such as Icon, where you can access the Avatar Builder in-game, this may still be being refined. There may be several such locations, or you may be able to call the Avatar Builder up from any location, like it was running on a PDA.

Another opportunity for creating an IGC sink.

Avatar Builder functionality can be accessed from anywhere ... but if it is NOT being accessed in specific locations (ICON, et al.) then use of the Avatar Builder functions for editing costumes/bodies will cost IGC. If it is being accessed in specific locations supporting that service, then the IGC costs are waived.

Basically a "Go Here To Do It For Free" kind a dynamic.

Sorry for the slight necropost (my job happens to send me to some of the few places left on Earth without readily available commercial Internet access) but I just wanted to agree with these last few posts on this thread.

I too suspect there will be a mixture of in-game editing locations (like CoH's ICON) for people to do costume/body editing in-game as well as the ability to do editing outside the game with the standalone app. Having to use the standalone app probably should not be a requirement - instead it should be something people choose to use if they want to. This opens it up to Redlynne's idea of making the in-game ICON locations be the "free default" method and the use of the standalone app be subject to some kind of nominal IGC sink. I like the idea of being able to use the standalone app "anywhere" in the game (with an appropriate PDA-like emote) and if you want that kind of flexibility you can pay for it with the IGC sink. This also allows for people to build "ICON replicator consoles" in their bases that can can allow for editing free of the IGC charge.

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