Developer's Workshop: Animating While Holding

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Developer's Workshop: Animating While Holding

Welcome to the first of a new kind of City of Titans release, Developer's Workshop. We will use these to feed you various behind the scenes gifs and videos that we know you all want to see but aren't polished enough to make an update about. These will always be accompanied by a What to Look For and What to Ignore paragraph, to help people know what to make of them (and what not to make of them).

Today's video shows when Fred proved he could successfully execute big sword attack animations while the character held a bow in the other hand. This is promising for certain requests people have made for chaining attacks using different weapons (Props in our game language - thanks to Aesthetic Decoupling that's all they are).

What to Look For: It's a big sword attack animation, but he's holding a bow in his other hand. Proving we can do this opens new possibilities for chaining attacks using different weapons/props. Also, the changing FX - as we explained in our powers update, YOU'RE going to be able to pick which one you get.

What to Ignore: Almost everything else. Animations, FX, and props are ours but all else is placeholder/ clean test environment.

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