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Can you imagine an all Commander Group?

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Can you imagine an all Commander Group?

Back in the day these were Masterminds. My Toon always wore a zoot suit and fedora.

My preferred minions were the Gangers....especially for the Gang Warfare power. The minions show up shooting everything in sight, and they always took the boss agro off me and the boys so we could take him down without trouble.The gang warfare power gave me 17 guys attacking all at once.

I never took much in the way of support, I specialized in shooting along with the boys...more powers to max out for damage and accuracy. I loved the dual pistols COH gave me. COX made me feel like a batman villain, and COH...well the bosses had no idea what to do with a small army in their midst.

IMAGINE A SUPERGROUP of Controllers bringing about 6 times the firepower of a single hero. just 10 of us maxed out could sweep the streets with an army of 70.

Obviously we won't get this at launch. But would you join such a group for the kicks?

I would love to go with the purple zoot suit again, and with aesthetic decoupling, I could possibly swing a tommy gun and do the gangster thing all over again. I just need a Batman sounding villain name.

so what do y'all think? Does such a group sound cool?

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Those were pretty popular,

Those were pretty popular for a time, the supposed 'superteams' such as the FRADS (Fire/Rad). One of my associates from Champion teamed with such a group of British players on another server and he said it was some of the most fun he'd ever had playing.

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I was never a fan of mms.

I was never a fan of mms. Although sometimes in PVP I would seek shelter by standing next to one lol

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OP: You think are referring

OP: I think you are referring to "commanders" in CoT lingo. There is no archetype in CoT called controllers, and of course controllers and masterminds were different in CoH.

In terms of all-controller teams, I never did end up on a controller super team, though it was something I really would have liked to have done had the game come back. I do remember being on a team of 6 or 7 controllers and one scrapper once. It was really fun.

In terms of all-mastermind teams, I remember levelling from level 1 to level 10 or so on a team of 3 masterminds. Nothing like a team of 8 high-level MMs of course, but still fun to blitz that way. I don't think I would have enjoyed this at high levels with a full team; there was enough chaos with 2 or 3 MMs once you had all your pets. Depends on the map I suppose; open maps would have been fine, but tight cave maps a major major pain.

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Yep, I was referring to

Yep, I was referring to Commanders. Fixed it. Thanks for catching me.
I agree, tight quarters would be a pain.

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8 MM on an open map was

8 MM on an open map was freaking epic. Zerg all the way.

FIGHT EVIL! (or go cause trouble so the Heroes have something to do.)