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Is this affecting comic book creators?

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Is this affecting comic book creators?

This is about Alan Dean Foster, and some of his works to which Disney has acquired the rights via recent acquisitions. One wonders how many other creators may be affected.

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The general principle of one

The general principle of one side modifying contracts when the property is sold is likely to be a major issue if this stands in court. This sort of contract gaming has been used against unions, as I recall. The telcos sold off low-performing regions a while back, which ended the union contracts those areas. But the issues are rather different here where there are basically property rights being transferred. Foster's work may very likely have been work-for-hire, which has somewhat different rules, but I'm not sure how likely a court would be to agree with Disney.

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I'm not sure what would

I'm not sure what would happen to Flinx and Pip, if they got Disney'd. Spellsinger series is ripe for a muppet-movie. He also novelized Alien Nation and a dozen others. Foster's a talented fellow.

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