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Where We Stand: The Avatar Builder

This week's update is a video of the current version of our Avatar Builder in action. Its undergone an almost total overhaul since the last time we showed it in motion.

Big thanks go out to Jamie 'GeeksGoneBad' Cunningham for his work on programming and assembly, Charles Logan for his seriously amazing costume designing and mesh making, Paul 'FleshForge' Zanca for his sculpting, Zack 'ShadowElusive' Singer for his work on UI design and improvements, and Kaylynn 'Caped Kay' Spears for her 3D and costuming pattern art. Also, thanks to our new video editor and graphic designer, Jason 'PenitentRebel' Comerford, for this video sneak peek.

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edit: We accidently posted the wrong name For Jamie Cunningham. Our apologies, Jamie.