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Stocking Stuffers: Happy Holidays 2019


It’s traditional to give gifts this time of year, and since we at Missing Worlds Media are firm believers in tradition, we have a few gifts for our followers who have already downloaded their copy of the game.

To start it all off, an update full of new costume pieces and bug fixes is being uploaded to the launcher over this weekend, and will be available to players by end of Monday. Watch our official Discord and Social Media pages for the notifications when the patch is live.

Our first ever PATCH NOTES will also be posted Monday in their new, permanent location on the forums. A few highlights from the patch are:

  • New spandex patterns have been added for the female model.
  • Missing preview pictures for costume pieces have been added.
  • Sliders for the head, face, nose, and mouth have been renamed
  • Trenchcoats have been fixed for female models.
  • The camera has been re-anchored and will now pan and zoom correctly.
We invite you to explore all the changes and, as always, feel free to leave FEEDBACK to help us improve and expand City of Titans.


After you’ve updated your look, head for the island because the Holidays are in trouble, and you can help! Through the end of the year, you’ll be able to interact with NPCs on the island and help solve a mystery that will save the Holidays for everyone.

The holiday mission is included FREE for everyone who has a copy of our loader. You will not need to take any additional steps to activate the mission, it will be included alongside Patch 0.3.

Not only is this patch a continuation of our promise to keep moving City of Titans forward, it also gives us the ability to keep testing and improving the systems that will become part of the game.

If you are an existing backer of $50 or more and haven’t already downloaded your copy of the game, or if you are new to City of Titans and would like to have your own copy, you can find the City of Titans webstore at

Your continued support makes City of Titans possible. From all of us at Missing Worlds Media, we wish you the happiest of Holidays, and we’ll have so much more to show you in the New Year.

Special thanks go out to Composition Lead ‘Robin’ Strickland, Don ‘Artstrong’ Armstrong, and Jaime ‘GeeksgoneBad’ Cunningham, for all their work that made this update possible.

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