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Mac users, the City is now open for you! Check out the latest update for information about changes to the MacOS Launcher!

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Mac Access Today + Looking to the Future

Full Mac Access Today!

Greetings again everyone! We have some great news today for Mac users - If you have access to the game already you can head over right now to get the latest patch which updates the Mac client to full Unreal Engine 5 technology! Access to the recent feature additions to the game! Combat, AI foes, Parkour are all waiting for you to test out!

Newcomers, whether on Mac or PC, if you don’t have access to the game yet, you can find out more about how to gain access here:

To read more about the latest features added to the game, and how to use the combat and travel controls, read our last update here:
To read more about Mac requirements, read our update on initial Mac release here:

The Next Big Thing

So ‘what’s next’ for City of Titans, you might ask?
Now that we have got the project up and running in Unreal Engine 5 and have the basic features of artificial intelligence foes, powers and combat playable on the island, where do things go from here for the game?

First, in the short term for powers, our team is looking at functionality for players to choose keybinds and there will be updates to targeting. In the longer term we will be rolling out full power sets that are coming along with more travel powers as well.
In addition to building combat and travel power sets, we are working on including missions, chat, multiplayer access, and other features that will be key for the game. But the biggest expansion of the game we are working to prepare for in the coming months is for players to enter the expansive world of Titan City.

As we have mentioned in prior updates, Titan City is a huge environment with giant districts that have been already built for players. Our team is working on applying the new efficiency measures made available in UE5 over the coming months to this environment, and when those features are fully implemented, we will be sharing access with players. The built areas of the game include Alexandria, Old Bradford and Downtown, Victory Beach, North Eastern Research District and the Airport.

You can see in the picture below the complete built area of Titan City so far:

In this picture you can see the large land area on the left is the airport, the densely built center land mass holds the districts of Alexandria, Old Bradford, Downtown, Victory Beach and North Eastern Research District. On the right, you can see the last remaining area to be built for our launch of the game, Aurora and Rhinehart Park (circled in red below)

Aurora and Rhinehart Park are currently under construction and when they are complete, the entire launch area for the game will be built.

When will Players be able to access Titan City Districts?

As soon as we finish the UE5 efficiency upgrades to this huge area of the game in the coming months, we will be providing access for players to explore it. And following that, we will be adding AI foes and combat as well.

Below are some pictures of the already-built areas of Titan City, shown in UE5:

The Airport:

Hotels by the airport:

Sunset at the TCAX Terminals 1 and 2:

Rocket Launch Area by the airport:

Stoneham Power Plant near the airport:

Victory Beach Boardwalk:


North Eastern Research District (NRD):

Old Bradford:


View from Alexandria with Stoneham Power Plant in the background:

Sy Island and NRD in the background, viewed from Alexandria at Titan City Water Department:

In the months to come we will be working on nailing down the last bits of efficiency work in UE5 to get you all into this expansive city area we have built.

But today, we are thrilled that our Macintosh users have full access to the new features of the game! Go slam down some villains and enjoy the fun right now!

Instructions, Keys for Fighting, Weather Control and Travel:

Download the Patch
To get the latest patch, if you already have the game downloaded, when you open the game, simply hit "Patch" to update the new features. If you haven't downloaded the game yet (and if you've already donated $50 or more) the launcher is available on your rewards page at

Target a foe:
The target widget shows up when a target is in range to be targeted and looked at. To target a foe, look in their direction and you will see a white target widget. To target the villain hit ‘F’ key and a red target will lock onto the foe. Once locked on, if there is more than one enemy you can switch using the ‘Tab’ key. (Cursor targeting will be added later)

Hit ‘1’ to punch a foe

Hit '2' to kick a foe

Fire Blast
Hit ‘3’ to throw fire at a foe (but don’t be surprised if they throw something back at you!)

Hit ‘4’ to slam the ground and knock your foes with a ‘point blank area of effect’ power.

Hit ‘period’ button for unstuck. (Occasionally players may find that the new parkour travel powers can get you stuck in a wall - hit period to return to the start area for play on the island).

New Key for Flight
Since the F key is now used for targeting foes, hit Alt F for flight. (Or just double jump, that will get you flying too!)

Weather Keys
Don’t forget that you can adjust the weather in the environment by hitting the Control Key and F7 key to select the weather.

Special thanks to our Mac team, Void and Iathor, for all of their help getting the project fine tuned for Mac! And extra special thanks to AmiEvil for all of the Artificial Intelligence work, Melee/Power Animations, Parkour, Spawning of Villains, Health/Damage bars, work on the Skeletons to unify female/male bodies (fixing some issues we had there previously), Packaging the game for player efficiency - all of that work that is now part of the game!

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