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Spring is for Spawning Villains!

Happy April Everyone!

This update we have exciting things for you to try out, so you can read the details below, but be sure to log onto the client now to start downloading the patch while you read!
Today we are expanding what’s available on the island for players to explore with foes to fight, some fun powers to use, and new parkour movements to try out!

Villains to Fight

The first most important expansion in this update is the addition of foes for you to fight in the game. With artificial intelligence these foes demonstrate the basic function of fighting with players. They will not notice you until you come within sight of them. They will attack you at a fairly controlled rate. They can engage in ranged or melee attacks.

Their attack rate, awareness of players, powers they fight with, and many other features will all be modified in the future to fit into the advanced levels and circumstances of each section of the game. Features like bosses and lieutenants will add to the complexity of combat. But right now in this sample version, they show basic functions of how villains will spawn in the game at various locations and fight with players. Most of all, they are a lot of fun to get into blasting battles with, or hand to hand combat.

You will notice that they have various powers they are using, like electric blast, water blast etc. Like all of the powers in this update, they are test powers that will be very different, refined, and expanded in the game with more developed mechanics for each power. These are initial demonstrations of basic animations from a library of powers already developed that we will be introducing into the game in the coming months.

Powers to Use

We hope the most fun part of this update will be for players to have several basic powers to use in fighting with foes.

Players will have a fire blast, PBAOE, punching and kicking melee options. These are very basic, ‘testing’ power options and will be followed up later with full power sets that are being implemented. But while we are implementing the full set of powers for the game, we thought players would enjoy having some fire to throw down villains on the island!

And we hope the demonstration of targeting, hitting, missing, and interplay with foes in the game shows the very basic elements of fighting that will be built upon later with full power sets for players and AI enemies.

You will notice another key feature of development for the game during combat with foes. Both the foes and player characters have health bars that adjust when damage is taken. You will notice that things like ‘critical hits’ are displayed during combat. This system of allocating damage demonstrates a basic version of combat that will be expanded on with the wide range of power sets envisioned for the game.

There are diverse foes throughout the island to discover and fight with, so make sure to explore!

Parkour to Try Out

Movements are being developed for the players and non-player characters to make the fighting experience more dynamic. A basic parkour function has been added so that players can leap over short walls and barriers. Players can still fly and run quickly, but this is another option that has been added as an automatic feature when running towards barriers. This start for Parkour will be refined more in the future, and a suite of additional travel powers is coming!

Instructions, Keys for Fighting, Weather Control and Travel:

Download the Patch
This is an update currently for Windows only. Mac will be available soon. To get the latest patch, if you already have the game downloaded, when you open the game, simply hit "Patch" to update the new features. If you haven't downloaded the game yet (and if you've already donated $50 or more) the launcher is available on your rewards page at

Target a foe:
The target widget shows up when a target is in range to be targeted and looked at. To target a foe, look in their direction and you will see a white target widget. To target the villain hit ‘F’ key and a red target will lock onto the foe. Once locked on, if there is more than one enemy you can switch using the ‘Tab’ key. (Cursor targeting will be added later)

Hit ‘1’ to punch a foe

Hit '2' to kick a foe

Fire Blast
Hit ‘3’ to throw fire at a foe (but don’t be surprised if they throw something back at you!)

Hit ‘4’ to slam the ground and knock your foes with a ‘point blank area of effect’ power.

Hit ‘period’ button for unstuck. (Occasionally players may find that the new parkour travel powers can get you stuck in a wall - hit period to return to the start area for play on the island).

New Key for Flight
Since the F key is now used for targeting foes, hit Alt F for flight. (Or just double jump, that will get you flying too!)

Weather Keys
Don’t forget that you can adjust the weather in the environment by hitting the Control Key and F7 key to select the weather.

How does this update fit into the overall development of City of Titans?

This is our last planned update for the island, our test area that we have used for developing City of Titans. Every core function that has been developed so far in the game as a demonstration on the island is about to be moved to a much more exciting arena – the Titan City neighborhoods.

This update is an interim release to show a small sample of what’s to come. The test powers and AI foes are mostly to show we have them working and for you to enjoy while we implement the rest of the game. Full power sets for players and foes are coming with a fully functional user interface replacing the current key functions. More travel powers are coming. Missions are coming. Multiplayer and chat are coming. And all of that in the context of Alexandria, Old Bradford, Downtown, North Eastern Research District and Victory Beach, our Titan City neighborhoods.

This update releases some basic functions for you all to enjoy while on the island as we work over the coming months to make the transition to the bigger game we have been building. We hope this update is very exciting for you all, but it’s only the beginning of what is coming.

We hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend and enjoy some epic fights on the island starting today! And we look forward to sharing the bigger game with you all in the coming months!

Happy Spring to you all!

Special thanks to AmiEvil, lead developer on powers and AI for City of Titans who did the heavy lifting for everything shown in this update.

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