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Write a file for Bureau of Paranormal Investigations and Tracking

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Write a file for Bureau of Paranormal Investigations and Tracking

Bureau of Paranormal Investigations and Tracking can be found at this link
(and yes, I am inspired by the SCP Foundation WIKI.)

PIT files have several categories

Neutralized: Object or creature was destroyed, is no longer a threat
Contained: object or creature is either safe and not a threat or is lethal but can be contained indefinitely
Code Yellow: Object or creature is contained but poorly understood, and poses a danger to breach containment and harm the public
Code Red; Object or creature may or may not be contained. extremely lethal, poses a threat the city or all of mankind. if contained, it is likely to breach containment. poorly understood and may not be controllable.

I'll start.

Name: PIT-4114. Object Code Red. Origin unknown. Containment: impossible.

PIT-4114 is a gigantic Kaiju class entity that normally lies dormant in a deep canyon [redacted] miles offshore from Titan City. Super hero activity will occasionally awaken it to rampage about the city. Heroes and villains often unite and are able to drive it back but only after extensive damage is caused. The villainous Dr Tyche is originally thought to have awakened it with an attempt to create a tsunami.

PIT-4114 is not known to eat anything, and regenerates damage through an unknown means. If awakened, it is extremely hostile and vents its anger at the nearest humans (Titan city). It will not attack animals, even in herds. It reacts with hostility specifically against humans and human structures.

Containment is impossible at this time. The navy has built a dock nearby and keeps people from the area.

Name: PIT 1002. Killer Barbie Dolls. Code Yellow. Contained in a cell with double pane bullet proof glass walls. The outer pane can be removed for maintenance. a commercially available play house has been provided as living quarters.

PIT 1002 are three barbie dolls fully animate and very intelligent. PIT captured them after reports of a number of deaths at an orphanage.
the dolls hate children and will kill them if possible. They do not eat, or breathe, but will sleep for 9 hour periods by turning rigid and hard (just like a doll). They can also take this form when hiding from agents. PIT 1002 are notably heavier that normal hollow dolls.

A bite from a doll is fatal to children. Adult males are immune to the poison. Adult females are in the most danger as a bite will cause them to go comatose and a slow transformation into another living doll begins. excess mass is shed in hardened sheets of plastic like flesh. The new doll is not like the original three and is free willed. One such doll bravely advised PIT agents when they arrived. She is currently serving the city as a super hero.

The dolls captured are being studied in case other instances like this are found. They speak with the old 80's valley girl accent, and advised interviewers of plans to wipe out humanity. They are under constant surveillance and if a containment breach occurs flammable gas will incinerate the containment zone. apart from their poison, PIT1002 have expressed no other magical abilities.

PIT 1002 is under termination review.