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Worldbuilding Stage 2

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Worldbuilding Stage 2

Northern Peninsula -

One of the most affluent sections of Titan City. The homes are larger, and the lots they sit upon are larger as well. There is more open space here than in other sections of the city, and a large area of winding woods help to give the residents an increased amount of privacy.

A mass of industrial parks, but unlike Ironport, it is open, high-tech, and comparatively green and welcoming. Factories and energy facilities are sited here. Stoneham also incorporates a large swath of undeveloped woodland.

Southern Peninsula -

Goodman’s Wood
Dark and foreboding, is an overgrown, threatening forest on the outskirts of Titan City. Dark magic haunts this place. It is home to mysterious groves, odd, worn-looking ruins, and hints of Celtic-style magic.

A small, picturesque town lying just outside Titan City, but beneath this veneer, magic stirs. It includes a picturesque main street and square, a neighborhood of old, haunted-looking houses, and forested, undeveloped hills surrounding the town. (Note- Landmark is considered for placement in the hills. What neighborhood will encompass the hills is to be determined.) Tradition and folklore are strong influences here, and the hauntings of classic Americana become realities.

Horizon City
With a large contingent of ultra-modern style skyscrapers, Horizon City offers an alternative to the overcrowding that is present in Downtown. It is a high-tech “shadow of the future” of urban development.

Within Coventre we find a rich heritage of magic beneath a veneer of almost Old World elegance. Founded by an alchemist, this district contains a mix of elegant residences, fanciful high-rises, crowded street fairs, and shady, forested glens. Magic permeates the whole place like a faint and heady perfume.

  • Named for the famed, supposedly enchanted forest in Brittany, New Broceliande features elegant buildings. However, much of it consists of parks. Some are beautifully landscaped, like the medieval gardens of old, while more thickly wooded areas give the visitor a sense of traveling into the heart of an enchanted forest, right in the midst of the city.
  • A middle and working class neighborhood of mid-rises, Overcast is less elegant than the Tapestry but far more so than neighboring Weston. It is the most threatening area of Coventre, where the shadows lie deepest. Many of its residents are descended from Eastern European immigrants, and that region’s legends of dark creatures permeate the neighborhood … sometimes literally.
  • Considered one of Titan City’s most attractive urban areas, Philosophers’ Row’s elegant, old-world architecture, particularly Art Nouveau and modest Gothic, calls to mind the neighborhoods of Paris more than the American Northeast. Philosophers’ Row contains a mixture of town houses, small businesses, and small, open parks. It also contains one of the largest concentrations of banks and jewelers’ stores in the city.
  • The Tapestry is home to Coventre’s tallest buildings, mostly constructed in the first several decades of the twentieth century. Graceful and sometimes outlandish Gothic and Art Nouveau towers characterize the area, giving the sense of a medieval city “grown up” into the modern world.

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