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Who Is Going To Clean Up This Mess?

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Who Is Going To Clean Up This Mess?

From a minor rumble between Hooligans and Street Heroes, to a full-blown Alien Invasion, there always seems to be... Ugliness left over when the victors go off to have Shwarma and Beer.

I propose some discussion about maintenance, rebuilding, and washing away the bodily fluids that get splattered all over.

What happens after 'Super-Strong-Guy' bashes the 'Hive-Queen' with that handy Tour Bus that someone left parked by the side of the street? Beyond matters of financial responsibility, does the city have a Recycling Program able to deal with a trashed and smashed Bus? Who handles the 'Wierd Stuff' found in the wreckage of the crashed starship? We're a long way from Area-51!

Is there a 'Super Crew' to rebuild the shattered roadway and infrastructure?

What about the Fire Department? Given Titan City's history, TCFD must have some seriously significant support. What capabilities have they developed? What sorts of incidents can they respond to? What does the City do on May 4 - International Firefighters' Day?

What would you expect a City of Titans to be able to do, to Clean Up the Mess?

Be Well!

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I think it would be kinda

I think it would be kinda neat if the local villain mastermind was donating cleanup automatons to the city. There could be a whole collection of missions around that with the automatons cleaning up a bit more than they should, "Have you seen Fido? He's been missing since that supers fight last week," or "my secret dossier was just here..." or maybe malfunctioning and damaging something and an investigation into it reveals more smarts than there should be and a lot of unused code. Eventually it would culminate in a city-wide event of rampaging "clean up crew" robots.

I like to take your ideas and supersize them. This isn't criticism, it is flattery. I come with nothing but good will and a spirit of team-building. If you take what I write any other way, that is probably just because I wasn't very clear.
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in Marvel SHIELD does the

in Marvel SHIELD does the clean-up in DC the Justice Legue usually hire guys to do that, I'm sure that the CoT equavelant can handle it.

not my video just one I lke ===>