Where Will You Patrol in Titan City?

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Where Will You Patrol in Titan City?

Scrolling through the guide section of the site, I couldn't help but get lost a bit in the descriptions of the various neighborhoods and districts of Titan City. I found myself thinking about my speedster racing through the streets of Alexandria and around Phoenix Plaza or my jaguar themed hero prowling the rooftops of Highpoint above the buzz of the nightlife and the electric heartbeat of the clubs and dance halls.

Simply put, what area are you most excited to explore, patrol, set down roots for a base, or cause mayhem in?

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For me, I'm huge on Highpoint

For me, I'm huge on Highpoint and Coventre, so I'm looking forward to patrolling the crap out of them when they come out! Phoenix Plaza will be my "hang out on lunch break" spot, and I'll probably enjoy Alexandria a fair amount too.

But yeah Highpoint and Coventre all the way.

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No idea as of yet. In COH i

No idea as of yet. In COH i patrolled wherever the mobs were my level.
I can't remember the name of that zone next to atlas park where a gang undermined the city and collapsed the Zone. Black Falcon was a brute and from 5th to 9th I would love to jump in the midst of a mob, attack the boss and let my damage shield wipe out the minions.

so if there will be a zone in Titan city like that...you will find me there.

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I have not yet decided where

I have not yet decided where to patrol. Amerikatt did a lot of patrolling in Kings Row (even after she had outgrown the Naughty Spawns in her range level), as she felt that that was her personal territory. She covered the whole of Galaxy City, as that was her home. She went on larger adventures with Katt-Girl. She would also visit her bestie, Lusca, in Independence Bay.

When not accompanying Amerikatt, Katt-Girl also patrolled Galaxy City, but also felt comfortable in Croatoa, where she would have a spot of tea with the "cute little pumpkin guys" and visit the university.

Mr. H, my male character, would pop-up all over the place, though he, too, had a connection to Kings Row.

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No idea, really. I haven't

No idea, really. I haven't looked at much of the stuff involving lore or locations. I kinda want to go in and marvel at it all and be all "Oh, this is so cool!"

As for patrolling usually it's wherever levelling takes me, but it'd be dependent for me on what character I play if all zones were viable for it regardless of level.

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Obviously I'll be working

Obviously I'll be working through level ranges at start. Though I'm currently leaning towards Victory Beach and Liberty Harbor for my haunts.

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I have read through the

I have read through the locations at least a few times while visiting the CoT site every now and then. But I think for my main hero I'll be playing I mostly may be hopping in between either Aurora or Victory Beach for my superhero adventures. And maybe Downtown since Downtown is where all the cool stuff seems to happen in most forms of media.

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In CoH, my characters were

In CoH, my characters were almost always going from mission to mission, working within their level range. I didn't hang out "on patrol" often, but I did occasionally like hanging out in King's Row and Talos. Talos was a nice junction between various zones, and kind of a cozy level range.

I also spent a lot of time at the various Wentworth's... my crafters/marketeers (most of my characters did at least some, and some did a lot) tended to hang out in Steel Canyon, Talos, or King's Row.

The nice thing about the KR Wentworth's was that it was usually pretty uncrowded, and not far from the base portal.

I don't think I'll have a good sense of where I'll feel most at home in CoT until I have some time to live in the world. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if it's somewhere in the low-mid level range... I probably won't feel comfortable somewhere too high-tech or too creepy. Never wanted to hang out in places like Astoria or Peregrine much in CoH.

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I probably won't know till I

I probably won't know till I'm actually able to visit them.
In CoH I spent a lot of time in Independance Port, Talos and Striga - possibly because I live in a port city and they felt like home.

I loved Skyway, too, when I was on my speedsters!

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For Edward, it would

For Edward, it would obviously be Weston. Not only is police response there super-slow, but it's likely to be overlooked by most self-styled heroes. Also, EdenTech's facility could be a good source of spare parts for Edward's work if anything were to happen to a shipment or to the facility itself, which is likely given the crime in the area. Furthermore, gene freaks would likely find a harder time getting gainful employment, especially if they're of the non-charismatic variety, and so would most likely end up in Weston and need protection. Edward protects the poor, the gene freaks, and salvages bio-lab equipment, and all three jobs can be completed in Weston.

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Clarkstown seems like the

Clarkstown seems like the perfect match for the Lone Ranger, it just feels gothamy...