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What You Know About: The Deadly 7

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What You Know About: The Deadly 7

Name: The Deadly 7

Cape Chaser Summary: Proclaimed the seven deadliest villains in Titan City by Liege himself, The Deadly 7 spread chaos and woe in their wake. All succumb to the sins of the city.

Legal Status: The Deadly 7 are a group of villains, all of whom have taken at least one life. The individual members are under suspicion of murder, or are accused of such. As a group, they have no legal status.

Notable Members:

Liege, charismatic leader, mental manipulator.

“Pit” Mokas, a.k.a. Beatdown, strongman with a sadistic twist.

Covet, said to have once converted a broken pocket watch into a lethal trap.

Aspire, exact powers uncertain, possibly a form of mimicry.

Abysm, able to create void-spaces.

Modal, a completely unknown entity that has the ability to physically become what you desire or wish for. It is not known if this being is human or something else.
Idle, able to slow time, which causes her victims to perceive her as being super fast.

Stated Purpose: To sow chaos and anarchy through the use of various vices. The ultimate goal is unknown.

Exploits: The Deadly 7 are currently causing seemingly random acts of chaos and strife around Titan City. Their leader’s motives and reasons seem to be pure anarchy, but his confidence and demeanor seem to point to some kind of master plan. What it is, only he knows.

Combat Information: The individual members of The Deadly 7 are all lethal in their own right. Seeing more than one of them in one place is typically a prelude to a massacre.

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