What product would your hero endorse?

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What product would your hero endorse?

Your hero just lost a job because you abandoned it to save the day. You need some cash to make ends meet, along comes a company with cash (unmarked bills), and a TV spot. You reluctantly agree.

so what product in Titan city will you endorse?

There are easier ways to get a hat, Black Falcon. Come to Millie's Boutique and (not so mad) Hattery.

Crimson Hood endorses Fish Fry Fridays at Carl's Crab Shack

seriously, you don't need to find artwork, just tell me what company you will do a TV spot for...

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My CoH Fire/Devices blaster

My CoH Fire/Devices blaster Basillica would certainly endorse something ironic like Smoke Detectors or some large sprinkler system company......

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Melody would probably go with a sneaker company

Gasket/Steamtank would have an endorsement from the Titan City Sanitation department

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A good chunk of my heroes are

A good chunk of my heroes are teen heroes... I don't think they can sign contracts.

Although my pop starlet hero Electri-Girl would endorse a whole lot of stuff... Makeup, her CDs, a line of dolls based on her, maybe upcoming movies, clothing lines, cell phones... Anything that fits the image carefully crafted by a record company.

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Trap Spider doesn't do

Trap Spider doesn't do endorsements, but loves it when people come by the lair to try to solicit them.

Grace the gynoid, indestructible love bot, of course has the endorsement for Three Graces Heavy Duty Prophylactics. "Because everyone should love safely and without fear!"

Little Panda wouldn't endorse anything other than beer. So she is the spokeshero for Titan City Brewing Co.

Thunderbird Priest originally from Colorado, says, "When I'm not flying high in the sky bringing justice to evildoers, I'm flying high with Mini-J's!"

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Cyke: Your pics are awesome!

Cyke: Your pics are awesome! I was LOL'ing IRL at Black Falcon's prize after defeating Green Arrow ... but then I saw Crimson Hood!

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Amerikatt does not have to worry about losing her job or stumping for just *any* products. She has Amerikatt Refined Foods (A.R.F.), which is a multiversal, multi-duodecillion credit corporation.

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In her COH origins, Black

In her COH origins, Black Falcon was spokes person for Cooks Electronics.

In my short lived stint with DCUO she made money staring in commercials for Wayne Industries (she had no idea, but Batman was keeping an eye on her as her parents were reformed super villains). I quit DCUO after a month. the game sucked big time.

In Champions RP, she was a part-owner of a trendy high rise bar patterned after the Hard Rock Cafe, only with heroes.

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Chainsaw Samurai would

Chainsaw Samurai would sponser a hardware store, possibly not understanding that it's not actually a weapons merchant.

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It's not actually in Titan's

It's not actually in Titan's universe, but Edward would sponsor Cheap Trait.

This was seen in the background of a couple of scenes in Strange Frame (boring plot, terrible animation, awesome setting).

Cheap Trait's window has mannequins like a clothing store, but there's nothing on them, and they all have weird body types. The store sells new genetic traits... at a discount!

I just think it's hilarious. There are some things you shouldn't skimp on!