what legal lingo did you want for mere fanart? fan website packages?

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what legal lingo did you want for mere fanart? fan website packages?

lots of people post whatever they want, and credit no one.

who/what to give credit to for owning the IP of a character i drew a picture of, and post to a site like http://www.deviantart.com ?

what site did you want them to send you back too?

is this even a thing you would want?

if i were to make a little comicbook involving the world of city of titans as a fun dirversion, of 1000 copies and not sell them but:

give cover artist standard 25 copies (do inside art and story and lettering myself)
give away 150 copies to people i know ingame.
keep 1-5 myself
give 5 away each one to one local comicshop owner\
did you want the rest? i need shipping address? i can pay for it one way to you, but it may cost alot to send out to many places from there. bulk shipping and all.

you could do all sorts of things with them i suppose.

i would suggest asking people to send you one copy to you for approval, to send more. this way you dont end up with a shit ton of crap on your doorstep.

what do you want me to do? i need legal lingo to drop into the book to appease YOU. do you need a rough before i goto printing for approval? can i put ads for city of titans or local comicshops in there (1000 copies ain't much, but they might get attention in other ways)? do you have a copysheet for a free ad to be dropped into comicbooks if you get 2-6 separate funbooks being made like this?

is a person's permission enough to use their toon in a page or three of a comicbook like this?

it would make me very happy if ebay went nuts on each of my books you post on ebay for the benefit of the game.

i let city of heroes die. champions online is a skeleton crew, with a shallow game made of leftovers. help me help you. let's have some fun.

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