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WHAT IF the Fishmen were Really Hot Mermaids?

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WHAT IF the Fishmen were Really Hot Mermaids?

They could sit on rocks just offshore luring stupid guys to their doom. They look really hot, but they are cannibalistic monsters.
The animations would be of the girls combing their hair and the sound would be wordless singing, "La la la."

at night they could grow legs, toss on a slinky dress and go on land, "Hey sailor!" Roawrrrrr! chomp! gulp!
there could be packs of mermaids hunting the docks at night. a real ladies night out. a few drinks, a bite to eat...

this could work. yeah. it would be scary. for the married guys at least.

Fire Away
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Yeah, and an Octagon... for

Yeah, and an Octagon... for fighting. Now that's a bro weekend.

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Hot Fishgirls = Hot Fish-Stix

Hot Fishgirls = Hot Fish-Stix!


*adds extra seafood sauce*


(WHAT?! You all know AK well enough to know how she would turn that pun on its ear!)