A Wee Bit of Ghost Hunting

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The ghosts, accompanied by

The ghosts, accompanied by the spiritual hummingbird, begin to scour the floor, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Despite the thickness of the ghostly energy, and the myriad of flying objects, there seems to be a stronger presence near the last apartment down the hallway on that floor. Exactly what it is, however, remains unclear.

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Shepherd noticed the presence

Shepherd noticed the presence through the hummingbird's eyes. He then turne to the others that were with him.

"We spotted something near the last apartment giving off a strong aura of spiritual energy."

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Jack and Jill readied thier

Jack and Jill readied thier weapons and each drew out some sort of odd crystal again. Jill held what looked like a small translucent black stone and jack had some odd shards of various colors. "hope these thinga work this time " Jack stated as he fumbled with the numerous shards. "Theyre supposed to be warders, or was it stingers?" He said in a more confused tone than before. Jill looked at him, rolled her eyes and clutched her stone. "This is supposed to sheild us from spectral activity" She spoke up" i at least know what mine is supposed to do"........