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We are looking for graphic designers! (More info inside)

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We are looking for graphic designers! (More info inside)

Our art team is looking for graphic designers to join and help develop our in-game Branding visuals (ranging from Logos to posters) for businesses inside the game world.

The requirements are:
- A keen eye for design
- Sample of works
- Ability to work with vectors
- A firm knowledge of Photoshop (or equilavent like Affinity Photo) and Illustrator

If you happen to be a student and / or looking to expand your Graphic Design portfolio, this could be a great chance.

Send a private message to me with your details and active email address - can’t wait to work with you!

Charles Logan

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I you need help, as far as i

I you need help, as far as i can, i could help.

- i let you see if i have a keen eye for design
- You can take a look at for some samples
- i know illustrator and i have it on my computer
- i know photoshop in an average manner (it depends on what you put behind "firm knowledge")

Maybe can you give me a try ?

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