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Full name: Derrek Soley
Nickname(s) or Alias: Warpdrive
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Age: 18
Birthday: December 2, 1994
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: American
Abilities: Gravity Manipulation/Control and Kinetic Adjustments


Born without any special abilities, to unspecial parents, Derek Soley went through his youth with either very little to no weirdness in his life. Decent grades, close friends, even a girlfriend for a couple years there. Life was pretty average in the New England region. Rhode Island to be precise. He grew up year by year, watching superheroes on the news foiling supervillains left and right. Being amazing with their abilities and whatnot. He wanted to be one someday. He even read some of their comic books. Even some of the other children he went to school with had superhero parents, or even had abilities of their own that they would rub into the faces of baseline humans, as if they were beneath them or weaker because they weren't as gifted. Derek had no idea what he would eventually become, but he just had to wait out all the hardships before being given something special.

On his fifteenth birthday, he was celebrating at a bowling alley with his family and friends, having a fun time in the lanes and in the arcade there, until a supervillain that could control fire waltzed right through the front door and started causing trouble. Incinerating innocent bystanders left and right, calling out any hidden heroes there to try and stop him. None came. Many were afraid to lose their secret identities just because of some guy threatening them. The situation lasted three hours until the villain just decided to off the rest of the hostages. Just turning them to ash until getting to the birthday part at the far end of the lanes, setting his eyes on the birthday boy, Derek. Many metas gain their abilities through intense stress, and this was one of those moments. Right before the villain struck, Derek's hands started to emit an odd ripple, like they were bending space around them. He threw them out infront of him to try and protect himself from the mean man trying to hurt him, only to send him flying back, like the far wall was the new gravitational pull to him instead of the planet. Well that was just weird as hell. Even the fire he tried to throw at Derek and the party just fell right back down on him. To the villain, the building was turned on its side, like some kind of weird fun house trick. Derek got his birthday wish. He became a hero. But the fight wasn't over yet, the villain was still conscious and angry that some kid was beating him. Derek had no idea how to control his powers, but he just tried what he did before, pushing his hands back out in the same manner, but instead of just putting a gravitational pull on the wall, he made it stronger, pinning the villain there for the police to arrest and depower.

What a weird day. Weird with a capital W. He got superpowers. He defeated his first supervillain. And there was cake. None of the other presents really mattered to him. Not even the party mattered anymore after what he witnessed and did. Toys, games.. None of it was important now. Now he had a calling and was eager to practice and train to become one of the heroes he's grown to idolize and hopefully alongside them one day. But first, he had to train and not just be a liability to everyone. That in itself took years upon years for him to do. Gravity and Kinetic manipulation takes a lot of clever thinking and practice, or you'll just annoy people. He even had to think up an identity for himself. He started cheesy with stuff like 'Gravity Guy' or 'Turn-Table', but when he was training one day, he yanked a toaster from across the room and into a wall, like with a wormhole, or a teleport. He didn't know how he did it, but it was pretty cool, so he kept practicing and practicing, until finally he could aim it, direct it, and even use it on himself for traveling. That is what got him thinking of the name that would stick with him for the rest of his life. Warpdrive. He figured that's how spaceships in those TV shows could travel like that, so why not, right? He could accelerate people to essentially give them superspeed for a limited time, or even reduce gravity's pull on them to give them the ability to jump long distances. His abilities all made sense under that name. So it became his name for the hero he would become. The tights were just the easy part after that. Navy blue and white tights, mask covering his face except for his nose and mouth like a lot of other heroes. And a belt with pockets so he didn't have to stash his keys and phone while out heroing.

A year or so after taking his hero name, he was finally comfortable getting out and trying to stop some crime if he came across it, even flying around the city to find some instead of it coming to him. His first few attempts didn't go so well, as the people he saved pointed out the damage he did, and weren't grateful for him saving their lives. It happened more often than not to him, because he wasn't some bigshot hero or anything. Just some kid in a mask with superpowers. It was more of a hobby for him after that. Something to do on his way home from his classes. Not full-time or anything, because he didn't know how to make money with heroing. So he had to get a job stocking boxes at a local supermarket, out of the mask, obviously. He had to pay for school and his expenses somehow. College wasn't cheap, and neither was living in a big city. But this is just the beginning.. There's a destiny for Derek, he just doesn't know it yet..

Wormholes are just silly. One moment you're here. The next you're stunned and over there. Ha. Gravity is silly.