Volunteering my skills.

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Volunteering my skills.

Hey All,

I putting my name out there to the Titan team, if you need any graphic Design help in the way of logos, banners, cover art.. or anything coloured I am a professional comic book colourist.. I can help out. I am working on a couple comics as of now, I am sure I can find sometime to help out... I just want to see the game go live...

Check out my DA page for some of my work... http://highlander0423.deviantart.com/ or please add me on Face Book.. https://www.facebook.com/JediColourist

I would also like to thank the team, COX was a life line for me, it was an escape for me during some pretty dark times in my life.. I am happy to see fan's are taking the power back...

Good Luck. and if I can help, Let me know?