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From the "Track" tab of the "My Account" menu, one can check on posts they've commented on to see if any new replies have been posted, and maybe comment accordingly.

When this is clicked, I assume, one is sent to the new replies, rather than to the first page of the post, which can be done by clicking the title of the post.

From what I've seen, both on PC and Mobile, is that if the thread has one page, the "x new replies" goes to the new ones. But if the thread has multiple pages, it simply goes to the first post.

While this isn't major, it is annoying to have to scroll the the bottom (which can be very long in Media Sharing threads) and click "last" and scroll again to the new posts, and I assume this isn't intended, to it is a bug.

I'm not the only one having this right?

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No, but there is, both in my

No, but there is, both in my PC's IE and whatever this Android device is using, a "Last Post"button and (if applicable) a "First Unread" button at the top of each page. Alas, both buttons take me to the last post, I must scroll back from there...

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Its a known bug in the

Its a known bug in the software. I have what I think will fix it, but am still testing.

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