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Version Materials not loading and can't enter island

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Version Materials not loading and can't enter island

As it was said in the subject. I can't see or even use any materials on clothing. I can click on the drop-down menu that would show the materials when picking colors. But it just shows blank options that I can click on, but they do nothing. In fact, if there is a material on the section of clothing and you click on one of these options, it erases the material and reverts it back to the base model. Skin materials work just fine. Everything else works just fine. But I just can't apply any fancy materials. Materials that I have already placed on my various creations before the recent update are still applied.

And when I try to enter the island it shows a split second screen of the character on the island before cutting to black.

I tried reinstalling and no dice. Only thing that did was erase my previous creations

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Tech team has been informed

Tech team has been informed of the Materials menu error :)

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