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Usefull even in death!

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Usefull even in death!

[Moderator edit, illegal activity shouldn't be discussed here.]

How about a power for tanker classes that allow them to spawn pets when they die to continue the good fight even in death like the Clock works's Princes that summon 4 clock work gears when they die :O Feel free to comment or suggest other ideas i'm just shot gunning ideas.

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First: Do not discuss

First: [Moderator edit; Thanks.]

Second, CoX had a buff ability called Vengeance in the Leadership pool. The buffs were so good that some characters contributed more dead than if they stayed in the fight. Whenever we want to consider an ability that proc's upon player defeat, we have to make sure that ability does not also make the character more valuable dead than alive.

I do like the ability the suggest. You discuss an aesthetic, so let me try to distill it into a mechanic that is aesthetically agnostic:
When your character is reduced to 0 hit points, you strike all enemies in an medium* ranged AoE centered on your character with a DoT that does moderate*raw damage. This ability requires a minimum of X momentum to activate.

Then you can make it look like a cloud of spores, a bunch of small robots, a murder of crows,a fiery explosion, or whatever else aesthetic options may be available.

* MWM will never convince me the word "Medial" is appropriate in either of these cases.

I like to take your ideas and supersize them. This isn't criticism, it is flattery. I come with nothing but good will and a spirit of team-building. If you take what I write any other way, that is probably just because I wasn't very clear.