U.S Copyright exemptions for abandoned online games

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U.S Copyright exemptions for abandoned online games

Anyone been talking about this around here?


Funny thing, this article does mention City of Heroes by name. It made my heart flutter for a moment.

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Unfortunately, that doesn't

Unfortunately, that doesn't help much in that 1) CoH's servers, code, and data are long gone, and 2) These exemptions may well be revoked next year, or the year after, etc., and that would be likely due to lobbying, so things won't stay free. The DMCA is, at best, a fair-weather friend.

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Final Encounter Cast had

Final Encounter Cast had reported on that, in regards to the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment possibly hosting defunct video games/MMOs. Although from my understanding, the museum wasn't hosting servers that could be accessed from outside sources. Just as internal exhibits.

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In the past I've suggested

In the past I've suggested game makers make a pledge to continue the game through some willing 3rd party if they decide to abandon it.

Then we can decide whether to risk hundreds of hours minecrafting our bases only to find minecraft went down taking everything with it.


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