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Updates 25 and 26

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Updates 25 and 26


Being able to run a mission that isn't just "go to location. beat up everyone in side." is rather refreshing. Looking forward to these awesome ideas ya all have happening. Hope to see some that are designed for solo and some designed for teams as well as some that are designed for either play style.


Of every dealing with the base, its the windows i look forward to the most. Actually being able to look outside is rather cool. MxO had it set up that when you were inside you could actually see the area outside. So you would see players running by but they couldn't see through the window you were looking out from. Least that's how I remember. And having it so everyone with the All Your Base or Mogul can add additional doors is just so neat. Feels like you could just about turn ya base into central network of locations around the game.

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