This Update Has Nothing New

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This Update Has Nothing New

We know all of you are sitting waiting to see something shiny and new from the MWM team. Well, prepare to be disappointed, because this update does, indeed contain nothing new at all. Instead of new, what we are about to do is show you what we already have before. No new systems, no new technology, just things we have shown all of you before today.

Last month, we showed you the costume creator, how it could apply a pattern to the spandex layer, change colors, etc. Now that the preliminary view of the costume creator has been unveiled, it is time to start showing how these various systems actually work together.

Of course, all of you have been paying attention to all of our updates, and recall the one where we discussed the use of materials to take basic patterns and to really bring them to life. While we used stock models to demonstrate the technology, the actual capability was clearly demonstrated.

So, in what is clearly a cleverly presented repeat, let us see what happens when you take 1 + 1.

While before we could only show you the concepts, how the technology itself was applied, now we can show you how it actually looks and feels in the game itself. With the same patterns, you can get scales, leather, webbing, cloth, and even with the same color still gives a more realistic, and more detailed, result.

Subtle shifts make for dramatic results, and the power to control this is in your hands. Rather than just a few patterns you pick from a few colors for, you now can give nuance, texture, and depth to your costume. And the beauty part is, this actually means less work for us. No need to make Leather vs Metal vs Cloth vs Fur of what functionally is the same costume part. And by being so flexible, we expect all of you to come up with ideas we've never even thought of.

And none of this is new, we've already shown it.

What this update is to do is remind everyone of what has been shown before, to get your minds to start assembling what we are working on yourselves, to get the imaginations going, because what is on the horizon is where the real fun begins.


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